Wednesday, May 12, 2010

A Busy Morning

Ever have one of those mornings that seems stockpiled with stuff?  That was me today.  I woke up with very sore abs from the initial test for the "Sit-up Challenge."  So I stretched out and put on my swim suit since I had a 2000m swim on tap.  Packed the bag for the gym, got the girls up and gave them kisses and hugs and headed out the door.

I got the the gym and was at the pool by 7:25am and started my swim.  I did a 100m warm up and realized that I completely forgot what my swim was supposed to be like today: drills? timed?  I could not remember for the life of me.  So I did the next 2000m straight swim.  I meant to only do 1800m but when I got to the 7th set of 8's (I count lengths in groups of 8.  For some reason I don't miscount that way.) I decided to do one more.  When I stopped I realized I had just done a total of 2100m, so I rested a bit and then got out of the pool. 

In history of swims, this was a great swim in my book.  I did 2100m in 41 minutes and some change.  I'm not sure what the change was because I never wear my swim watch (unless I know I have to time myself and report to Coach) and just use the pool clock.  I started the swim kind of tight in my shoulders and chest (Hello Push Up Challenge!), but somewhere after the 1st 500m that eased up.  My abs hurt, but that eased up after the 1st 300m.  By the 1,000m mark I was deep in the zone but my brain was still going a million miles an hour. 

Primarily about Angelfish and how she attempted to (and nearly won) outwill me last night over dinner.  She wouldn't eat her meat.  She was popping chickpeas in her mouth like they were candy and eating her apple, but the turkey burger sat.  I cut it into pieces for her.  I gave her ketchup.  I told her she couldn't go play with Ladybug (who after eating all her food, except the chick peas... which she at least tried asked nicely if she could play in the playroom) until after she finished her meat.  She refused to eat.  She wouldn't talk to me either, said she wanted some quiet time to herself.  I gave her 15 minutes.  I counted down the last 10 of it for her.  Then I took her food, put her in time out and told her that she'd see the food again at breakfast and sent her on her way.  I'm not big about forcing kids to eat, but the thing is that she's been pulling this "I'm not going to eat my meat" and then will ask for cheese later because she's hungry and then throws a crying fit when we won't give it to her.  I have to admire her tenacity, but it also pushes my buttons the way she does it.

Then I thought about all I had to get done today, and how I wanted to go to yoga today during my lunch hour, and how I hoped I'd be able to swim at Lucky's tomorrow with Kelly the other TriMommy who will be in town, and how I should go to Target if I finished my swim early enough to get a food scale, a harness for Annie and a new blender and a new measuring tape.  (Imagine my surprise this morning when I went to make my whey protein shake when there's the top to the blender and the bottom of it but the glass carafe is gone... and then I remembered I broke it on accident about 4 months ago.)  And I thought about having to get Annie a refill on her anti-inflammatory. 

And then it happened.  My brain stopped thinking.  All I heard was my counting in my head as I did my laps.  When I got to the 5th set of 8, I thought.  Let's do 2 more and then do the rest as a cool down.  And then nothing but counting and the sound of the water.  I got to the 7th set of 8 and thought, just 1 more set of 8 and then we'll do a 100 cool down.  That should make 2000m.  (Evidently my math skills had fallen by the wayside since my mind had quieted.)  I finished the 8th 8, and realized something wasn't adding up.  8x8=1600m, and I already did another 2x8 before that so that was another 400m, and then 100 warm up.  So that was 2100m.  OOPS. I felt really good and relaxed, looked at the clock and realized I'd only been in the pool 41 minutes.  Cool.

So then I showered, dressed and headed out to Target (which is in the same shopping complex as the gym).  Got exactly what was on my list (and for under $50!), hit the CVS for Annie's medicine, and arrived home.

Poor Annie was in pain. Really bad pain.  So I gave her medicine and petted her a bit.  Had my little breakfast and put dinner into the crock pot.  A Zone receipe... Three Bean Chili with salad and guacamole is on deck for dinner after the girls' gymnastics class.

I did my pushups and my muscles hurt (including my abs).  Of course, that might be because I usually do my pushups before my workouts and I was doing it after a pretty good swim.  Got Mr. Darcy's email saying that I can meet Kelly at Lucky's tomorrow with no problem, so I'm moving my Friday swim to tomorrow and while that means I again won't be doing the descending sets (sorry Coach), I will be getting a nice swim in.  I'm excited to get to meet a fellow Blogger!  I'm going to do my best to remember my camera so we can try to get a photo before the swim.  Since Friday's swim was supposed to be almost 2500m, I'll do 2 crossings and then swim to the middle of the lake and back.  YAY! 

That pushes my 10 mile bike and 3 mile run block to Friday morning.  I'm also going to do Day 1 of the situp Challenge and Day 3 of Week 3 of the push up challenge on Friday too.

Oh and a little funny before I sign off for more work and some yoga... this morning I kissed Mr. Darcy goodbye before I left for the gym and this was the dialogue that ensued.

Angelfish: OOOHHH.  No kissing on the lips!
Me: I can kiss Daddy on the lips.  He's my husband.
Angelfish: No.  Only I can kiss on the lips!
Mr. Darcy: You can't kiss me on the lips! On the cheek only!
Ladybug: Angelfish, you are silly.  You didn't grow up and graduate college.  No kissing on the lips until then!

If only I can keep that in their heads when their 16...


  1. I love the adventures your youngins bring. I sit down and start reading and think, whats going to happen today.

  2. Yeah, no kissing until college! hee.

  3. how does that song can't have your pudding if you don't eat all your meat? Your twins are a hoot! Your blog is the 2nd one I've read today that mentioned Lucky lake. I've never heard of it before. I forgot to do the initial sit up test so at this stage in the game, I better wait until after the oly tri.