Friday, May 21, 2010

The Morning Swim

Mr. Darcy gave me a wonderful surprise last night.  He came home with a pizza (and yes, I let myself succumb to it's non-paleo, non-zone goodness... resisting cake is one thing. pizza another all together) and told me that he doesn't have to go to Boca tomorrow after all.  YAY!  Of course, he has to see the dentist because either part of his tooth or part of a filling came out while flossing (I'm really hoping it's part of a filling).  But he's not in pain, so I figure it's a win situation all the same.

So we had pizza, watched "Mickey Mouse Clubhouse," "Little Einsteins" and "Word World" (the girls learned how to spell duck and ball last night... it remains to be seen if they'll remember in the next few days though), got the Little Ladies into bed, and finished up putting the new bedding and curtains in the guest bedroom and did some straightening.  Mr. Darcy still isn't sure about the brown or the curtains we have in the living room, but for the weekend they'll do (and he read my blog and said I was funny complaining about painting with him).  He seems to be getting used to the brown and thinks that maybe its the cream color that we painted the side walls (which I had tried to dissuade him from).  I am fearful this will turn into painting the side walls, him still not liking the brown and then we paint a different color.  But Mr. Darcy is right about one thing, when we go through all of these painting forays we tend to end up with something that looks extremely good in the end.  It's just the process of it all that exhausts me!

The best part about Mr. Darcy not going to Boca was that I got to do my 2,000m swim.  Whoo hoo!  It was a swim that was to be done "however I wanted."  So I did a 200 for warm up, a 200, 600, 800, and then a 200 cool down.  I just focused on my form and enjoyed the swim.  I didn't worry about how long it took me to do, or negative splitting, or any of the usual worries.  Just a nice, relaxing swim. The sloshing of the water in my ears, realizing my triceps are a little sore but only while I swim and that my abs are tight too (thank you push up and sit up challenges) and that it feels good.  A very nice swim. 

Unfortunately, I discovered in the locker room that I  lost one of my earrings.  Yes, I realize I probably shouldn't have been swimming with earrings on to begin with.  But I pretty much have never taken these earrings out (except on occasion to wear another pair), since Mr. Darcy gave them to me as a surprise on New Years Eve about 7 years ago.  I want to kick myself in the head about it right about now because they weren't inexpensive earrings and I'm certain that I will not be getting a replacement pair anytime soon.  Diamonds don't grow on trees.  I have one lone pearl earring too.  And lucky me, I'm allergic to metals other than gold for earring posts.  I can wear sterling silver for the day, but not more than 1 or 2 days in a row or my ears start to itch.  So now, I am an earring free zone. Sigh.  I really like earrings.  Deep down I'm a girlie girl at heart.  I just don't let myself buy things because the kids, the house, and my triathlon addiction seem to be expensive enough.  So I will be bare eared until further notice.  Luckily my hair is long enough that people probably never realized I was wearing earrings anyway.

As for girls weekend, I am all nice and packed.  I talked to both Little Sister and Adopted Little Sister yesterday, and we all can't wait for a fun weekend.  Now to count down the minutes until Adopted Little Sister arrives so we can get Little Sister from the airport!


  1. Bummer about the earrings. I have a pair I wear everyday that my husband gave me 8 years ago, and it would make me VERY sad to lose one.

    Have a great weekend!