Friday, April 30, 2010

The best laid plans...

sometimes actually work out! Last night worked rather nicely.  I picked the girls up from daycare (and when we got to the car, Ladybug asked if we could go to gymnastics!) and went home.  They wanted to color and play together, so I hopped on the trainer and watched "What Not to Wear" while doing my 45 minutes of spin on the bike.  The girls showed me their pictures while I was riding, and Ladybug decided to pick last night to act like a 14 year old girl who knew everything and no matter what her Mommy said, Mommy was wrong.  Two time outs (for her) and a talking to later, my bike ride was over and Mr. Darcy returned from Boca Raton. 

I tried to convince Mr. Darcy to do push ups with me - Day 2 complete!  I almost got to 20 pushups - I called it 19 1/2 on the last set, which was pretty good I though.  3 1/2 more than the initial test.  But Mr. Darcy wasn't in to it.  I think he did maybe 2 sets from Day 1.  But he did go for a 1 1/2 mile run, so I was happy.  Mr. Darcy is starting to move!  YAY!

Then it was dinner and a nice chat with my friend L on the phone.  We can't wait for our girls weekend to be here, and we're already planning a vacation to Las Vegas for next year with the husbands too.  I'm really excited about it!  Mr. Darcy cracked us all up by responding that he was interested by saying "I'm all in (poker reference)!"  The girls and I thought this was a hoot - that he thought we needed him to point out the poker reference... we're only married to men who think that the World Series of Poker should be aired year long, in order above all other shows.

Then bathtime for the little ladies, who decided to pretend they were mermaid princesses and fought off the evil pirate alligator (who is a windup alligator that swims when you wind him off) to save their fair kingdom.  I LOVE their imaginations!

This morning everyone was in a good mood and got ready pretty nicely, although Ladybug did have some words for me about my needing to wait for her to eat her cereal (that had been sitting there for 10 minutes while she did everything except eat).  I informed her that she needed to get into the car now because Daddy could not be late to work.  Hugs, Kisses, and more hugs and Kisses and then off they went.

I took some time to snuggle with the dog because the poor thing was hurting again.  All I have to say is thank goodness the medicine kicks in and gives her relief.  Even if she is sleeping more because of the pain medication.  It breaks my heart to see her that way.  If it doesn't stop soon, I think we're going to break down and have the x-rays taken to see what the cause of the pain is and whether it's "fixable."  I honestly do not know what I will do if we have to "send her back to heaven" as the girls asked the other day.  She is my constant companion while working from home.  In fact, she's sleeping next to my desk as we speak.  She was my first "child" and my first dog (I had a parakeet growing up - my Dad claimed he was allergic to fleas... ironically, Annie has never suffered from fleas... knock on wood).  I remember bringing her home from the breeder and she was the length of my hand from wrist to the tip of my middle finger.  I think her ears were the biggest part of her - and we refused to have them clipped because that was just not nice.  Mr. Darcy would get offended on her behalf if people made fun of her ears.  She's really been the best dog in the entire world.  So I keep hoping that all will be well and that it's just like my back pain, which is seeming to go away.  Of course, I haven't attempted to run again since the race yet.

Work, work, work.  And then I went to yoga today and it was heavenly.  I decided that instead of doing yoga by myself, I would go to class at the Y as my lunch break.  It was taught by my next door neighbor's sister, which was pretty cool.  And even better was that she was focusing on stretches for the lower back, sciatica, hamstrings and hips... all those places that I've been tight since the race.  So it was perfection... not to mention super relaxing!

Some more work, work work.  I'm looking forward to this weekend.  I hope to sleep until the girls get up around 7 am and play with them and do errands and just relax.  I have a 30 minute walk on tap... I'm sure I'll get it in somehow. : )

And then back to work


  1. Great job on the pushups! I hope your sweet dog is feeling better soon...poor baby. Have a good weekend!

  2. Yoga hurts me so I am always jealous when it helps others. ;-p But that is FABULOUS.
    Lots of loving thoughts your way for your pup.

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  4. Ugh, yoga = pain!!!

    Good job on the pushups

    LOL!!!! Evil pirate alligator!!!!!!!

    WORD VERIFICATION: PRINCEID, thought your girls might like that