Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Blue Sky Tuesday

Swim practice was good last night, but I felt a little off in the water.  Of course, that might have been because we did a lot of drills 4x 50 each of one armed, finger tip drag, slow arm, and catch up.  I basically was doing a 1/2 butterfly stroke on the catch up drill.  It was making me crazy.  But once we got to the 4x200 descending with the last 25 of each sprinting, I was back on track.  I LOVE swimming (see that's more than running - all of the letters are capitalized... not just the first one).

The bad news though was that I forgot to bring my bike to practice last night for coach to look at it.  Which means I have to take it to the bike shop.  But the only time I have to take it to the bike shop is tomorrow some time.  So, instead of facing another day on the trainer for a 20 mile ride, I went to the YMCA and used the stationary bike, hill program, level 8, but I put that I weighed 10 more pounds than I do so that it would maybe more like being on the road.  I still did 20 miles in 52:33, so I'm hoping that was a closer approximation of the road.  And this time the random hill program gave me 3 max out hills with each being longer than the previous.  I was drenched in sweat at the end of it, so I'm thinking I got a pretty good workout going.

As I exited the Y, the sun was up in all it's glory and the sky was blue.  That blue that says "Don't go to work today.  Go to the beach.  Drink a margarita while wearing a straw hat and sitting on a beach chair and reading a book next to the ocean."  It was severely tempting, but as usual, it's a busy day so I said no to that blue sky urging.  (It may be a good thing for my job security that the closest beach is an hour a way.)

I am working, working, working and staring out the window a bit.  I put together the goodies for the girls at the Callandale Center, and went to lunch with my friend J.  We ate outside.  Dining al fresco may be good for the soul but it is not good for the return to work.  It was really hard to peel myself away and go back to "the office."  But I made it. 

I have a treadmill run tomorrow.- 50 minutes with varying inclines and paces. It looks hard.  But then, when is any of this stuff easy?  Thursday it's another gym day too - trainer for 30 minutes (I'll use a spin bike) and then a 3 mile run (and then cool down) on the treadmill at varying paces.  But Friday, I'll need my bike back and I'll be keeping my fingers crossed that this blue sky weather lasts because I have a 1 1/2 hour bike ride to do... 50 minutes of it at race pace.  Hello closed road!  If it rains, I'm going to cry.

Of course, on the family front we have a crazy week.  Tonight I have the Junior League stuff, tomorrow night Mr. Darcy has a basketball game with a contractor; Thursday Mr. Darcy has a business trip returning (hopefully) by 6 pm and I have a Team in Training Fundraiser that starts at 6 (which the Little Ladies may or may not attend depending on whether Mr. Darcy has returned from said business trip). Friday, Mr. Darcy has dinner with fraternity people and then an initiation.  Saturday I have a morning swim/run brick with the Team and possibly a night out for dinner and drinks with some girlfriends.  Sunday we hope to take the girls to the zoo or to an outdoor art show (that has kid friendly stuff too).  Next week is a bit crazy too, but on a slightly smaller scale.  The following week, a little slower and ST ANTHONY's that weekend.  It'll be here before I know it...

... and as long as these blue skies stick with me, it's all smooth sailing as far as I'm concerned!


  1. I would have been on the beach sipping my third 'rita before I realized I was in trouble for blowing off my day. Good job squeezing in your workouts.

  2. i know the fingertip and catchup but what is slow arm ???