Monday, April 19, 2010

The Pukies...

have hit the household.  I just hope they are limited in both duration and in the number of persons affected. 

This morning started at 5 am when Ladybug decided that she would come into our bed and told us a story about a dream she had that really made no sense whatever.  She thought it was funny though.  She ught she was upset because she woke up and proceeded to climb into bed and flipped and flopped all over until finally both Mr. Darcy and I were up and getting ready.  Then she started to scream and cry.  I thought that she was upset because she woke up and we weren't in the room.  So I told her we were in the bathroom and that she needed to calm down because she was fine.  And then she said, "My tummy hurts, Mommy." By the time I said "You're tummy hurts?"  She had thrown up and by the time I got to her (all of 5 steps away) she had thrown up a 2nd time, and then I carried her into the bathroom where she threw up a 3rd time.  But it was all water.  And she looked so pale that even her lips looked a little pale.

Angelfish seemed okay this morning although she was really whiny and crying. And then she got worried about Ladybug when she found out she threw up.  I had to tell her that Ladybug would be fine, but that she had a virus and that she couldnt' go to school today but that she'd get over it.  I have to say that I'm secretly worried that I'm going to get a call from daycare telling me to come get her, although she ate her muffins with gusto and drank an entire cup of milk...

Of course, at this point Ladybug seems to be feeling a little better.  Sleeping almost another 4 hours after you vomit seems to do wonders.  She did throw up some more water earlier, but about 1/2 an hour later she was hungry.  So far the watered down Gatorade has stayed put, so we moved on to 2 pieces of toast.  And now we wait...

Unfortunately, our version of the pukies doesn't qualify for a Big Daddy Diesel award... but I am seriously hoping that I don't get the virus either and that even if I do that I don't get it until AFTER my race on Sunday.  So, I'll be keeping my fingers and toes crossed!


  1. Hope you stay healthy. We had the pukes a while daughter threw up so much that she eventually could only dry heave. Despite laying with her and cuddling, I never got sick either...but I also kept my food light for a few days. I think I instinctively didn't have much of an appetite.

    Hope it stops with Ladybug and she gets well soon.

  2. At first I got all excited, I didnt have any winners last week.

    I hope she gets better soon.

  3. Yuck! Poor kiddos. Get well soon everyone.

  4. Hope everyone feels better. Somehow, and I don't know how, my wife knighted me the "cleaner of the barf" in our house. Just smelling it would make her barf too. Don't worry, she got her chances when I was at work as the kids were growing up so it remains a partnership.