Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Wednesday musings

So this morning I put on bike clothes.  I had a 1500 m recovery swim on tap, but I wasn't feeling it so I thought I'd switch it with my 45 minute recovery bike ride for tomorrow.  I helped the girls get dressed and Mr. Darcy helped them pick their breakfasts of choice (yogurt for Angelfish and applesauce for Ladybug).  Mr. Darcy took the girls to a gymnastics gym near our house to check it out yesterday evening while I was at Junior League, and they really were interested.  To the point that Ladybug asked me this morning, "Can we go to gymnastics tonight after school?"  When I asked Angelfish what she thought about doing gymnastics, she said "good!"  (It's her version of "sounds good!")

So after talking over the price and calling the gym, I'll be taking the little ladies to a trial gymnastics class this evening.  If I get a chance today, I'm going to use my lunch hour to go and get them some leotards. They may be dance leotards - I saw some at Target the other day though.  That way they can play dress up with them if they don't like gymnastics.  Hopefully this will play out better than soccer...

Oh, well. Back to my "workout."  Once Bill and the girls left, I was about to go get on the bike when I realized... I just didn't want to do anything.  I wanted to take a nice long shower, use a face mask, do my hair nicely, pamper my skin a bit with moisturizer, have breakfast in a non-hurried manner, and read a magazine.  I figured it's a recovery week, so that's exactly what I did.  I even picked out a cute outfit to wear. : )  And I finished in time to walk into my office and start the day.  It was a bit heavenly, really.

On the Annie front, she seemed to be doing better this morning.  Still a little ginger but walking well without the arch in her back and doing her usual morning potty routine in the yard - pee, trot along the perimeter of the property, stop to take a poo, sniff the trees a bit, attempt to run off into the conservation lot behind our house, and then trot back into the house.  She wasn't as quick, but at least (unlike yesterday) she was doing the usual routine.  And then you could tell she started to hurt a little bit... and then Angelfish didn't see her as she ran out of the bedroom and hit Annie's side with her knee.  Instant U shape and puppy cries.  It was heart breaking.  At first, Angelfish didn't want to admit it because she thought we would be upset, but once we told her we knew that whatever happened was an accident, she told us.  30 minutes later Annie was still in pain, so she got a pain pill and has been a bit sleepy ever since.  But she's barking at the garbage men right now, so it's not all bad.   I'm hoping she gets better soon...

And that is it for the morning.  Tommorrow will be Day 2 of  the push up challenge.  My tricepts are a little sore.  Not much, but a wee bit.  I'd like some nice looking arms, so I'm all about it. : )  I'll also either swim or bike tomorrow... as the spirit lends it.  I'm also going in for blood work for the bone marrow registry tomorrow morning.  Things are moving along.  I don't know if I'll end up as the donor (of course), but I like the idea of helping save a life.

Anywho... until tomorrow!


  1. I hope Annie feels better soon. I have a senior dog too, it is hard to see them in pain. Way to go on the pushups!

  2. Keep up the good work on the pushups!

  3. oh those darn pushups! but it's worth it! can't wait to read up on your progress as you go from week to week. i have week 5, day 2 to get done at some point today. i'm behind a week b/c my wrist was bugging out last week but now it's fine.
    I saw on your race schedule the Moss park Oly tri you did in 2009 and scheduled again for this year. Do you highly recommend it???