Thursday, April 8, 2010

Kid in a Candy Store!

The fed ex man, who might possibly be my favorite person in the world at the moment, arrived a few moments ago.  In his hand was a small box about 18" x 10".  In that box were the items I ordered from Brooks (and I must say that it did not take the estimated 3 weeks to arrive)!

I was so excited, that I couldnt' help myself.  I was like a kid in a candy shop... I just had to try everything on.  As expected, everything fit wonderfully!  In fact, the running skort is so stinkin' cute, that I may order another one (but I'm going to run in it first, once my back lets me).  I even wondered if I could get away with wearing it to the Team in Training Fundraiser we're having tonight... it's that cute (and I didn't even think my thighs looked big... and I pretty much always think my thighs look big!)!

I was impressed too because I took a chance and ordered a t-shirt in a medium... I really liked the design and it would go not only with my new running shorts but 2 pairs of my "old" Brooks ones. And it still fit.  Sure it's a little more snug in the body (I like my tops a little bit loose) and the shoulder seam is a hair (and only a hair) short, but for a woman that has really broad shoulders it was awesome!  To give you an idea of how broad of shoulders I have, if a top is sleeveless (especially a running top), I can easily wear a medium (which in fact was the case with the racerback top I bought... see blue above) and the body will 99% of the time fit just fine.  So to say the least I am thrilled. 
As you can tell from the pictures, these are the things I got from Brooks.  All I can say, is Brooks rocks!

I also tried on the tri shorts I bought.  they're not bad, but with the top on (it looks like this but in the same navy color as the shorts; I would have preferred the turquoise) all I could think of is that I kind of look like a blueberry.  Perhaps I won't wear them in a race (I don't want anyone referring to me as the speeding blueberry... or even worse the rolling blueberry), but they'll definitely be good enough to do bricks in. They have some cool pockets, though.  Unfortunately, I do not look as shapely as the picture of the shorts... but I can hope!

To give you an idea of how excited I am... I put everything in the laundry to wash so it's good and ready to wear for upcoming training sessions. : )


  1. I love every single item you got! the t-shirt is really cool too. totally caught my eye!

  2. I LOVE shopping for running gear. Everything you got is adorable. Great scores!

  3. Woooooo Xmas in April!!!!

    I have the jacket, but in black.