Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Getting Ready for Race Day with Ladybug

By the time Swim Practice rolled around last night, Ladybug was feeling much better.  She had held down toast, soup, and graham crackers and  slept 3 hours for one nap waking with a smile on her face.  Mr. Darcy was able to come home a little early because of a tough day on the golf course with some contractors, so off I went to swim practice.  As I left, Ladybug was making a "desert" of a whole grain waffle and non-fat activia key lime flavored yogurt. 

It was a good swim.  The last "official" group training swim before St. Anthony's this weekend.  We had a pretty easy practice - 100 pull, 100 kick for warm up and then 20 minutes straight (I did 1,000 m) and then the washing machine drill to simulate race start.  Of course, you needed to add arms and legs so you could get kicked and hit in it and it would be perfect.  Then we had a session of picturing race day going perfectly.

I got home to find a happy Ladybug and a happy Angelfish, although I could tell Ladybug wasn't quite 100%.  I'm not sure that it helped that Mr. Darcy gave them a bratworst for dinner.  She said that her tummy hurt, and when I felt her forehead she had a little temperature.  But no more puking.

This morning Ladybug ended up in our bed at 5 am.  She said her tummy hurt, laid down and went to sleep.  No puking. YAY.  But we decided to let her sleep as much as she wanted and to keep her home one more day just in case.  So that meant no bike ride this morning.  I know it's a taper week, but I still hate not getting all my training in.  I'm going to attempt to switch out my 3 mile walk for tomorrow to today after I get home from the Callandale Center, and that's presuming that Mr. Darcy gets out of his meeting in time to get home so I can go. 

And then I'll try to find a way to get my ride done tomorrow... I have bloodwork at 7:15 am and then am going to try to meet up with some people to do something pretty cool for our friend Doug.  He's had a bit of a set back because he started having a reaction to one of the medications he needs for his bone marrow transplant.  They stopped the medicine but are going to restart it again to see if he can go forward.  So, we're going to do something to show him we care and support him.  I'll reveal it tomorrow, but let's just say that the thought behind it actually puts tears in my eyes.  It's a good reminder right before St. Anthony's that even if I don't PR or if my back acts up and it's not that great of a race that I am doing this to find a cure for cancer and that I'm doing this for something bigger than myself.

Ladybug will certainly be at school tomorrow - she's sung "I'm a Little Teapot" about 10 times, made up a happy song about having a "butter bagel," talked my ear off, and asked a million questions during "Sleeping Beauty" and "Tinkerbell."  But I have to say that it's nice to have her for company too.  She's a cutie pie.  My goal is to give her some lunch in a bit and then put her down for a nap.  Or a "1 hour quiet time" as I have to phrase it and then hope she actually falls asleep. : )

I also am going to try to get some laundry in the machine while I work some more.  All in the hhopes of having things set for St. A's by Thursday evening.

What's up for you all this week?

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