Monday, April 12, 2010

Where the Wild Things Are: Chik-fil-a, Training, and the Zoo

Saturday was a nice "recovery" from Friday.

Friday evening Mr. Darcy had dinner plans with some people in his fraternity alumni assocation and then attended the UCF chapter's initiation.  So I decided that uncharacteristically, I would be the one to take the girls to Chik-fil-a for some nuggets, fruit and milk and to play on the playground.  Before we even got there, Ladybug asked me if they could have ice cream.  Trying to be "fun" but still a good parent I told her, only if you eat all of your dinner and are good listeners.  They agreed, and we went inside.

They were not being overly good listeners, but I was doing the best I could not to be overbearing and have fun.  We ended up making two trips to the bathroom.  After the 1st, I told them they had to walk and they ran back to the table.  I told them when we sat down that they were not being good listeners and that I told them to walk and they ran.  After the 2nd, the same behavior occured.  So I told them that because they were not being good listeners and there would be no ice cream, but if they ate their dinner nicely we could still play on the playground.

Ladybug threw a grand mal hissy fit right then and there and would not stop.  I had to take her face in my hand to get her to even look at me so I could try and calm her down (without giving in of course).  After about 2 minutes of it, I packed the food up and picked Ladybug up, took Angelfish by the hand (who was now also crying and literally dragging her feet because she didn't want to leave) and exited the Chik-fil-a.  It was perhaps the most embarrassing moments of my life with my kids in a restaurant.  Literally, every person in the place was staring at us as we left.

I got them in the car and Angelfish calmed down because I told Ladybug that if she didn't stop she would have a time out when we got home.  Angelfish said she didn't want a time out and that she was ready to be a good listener.  Ladybug on the other hand screamed the entire ride home "Get me out of here!  Stop driving this car.  I want to go back to Chik-fil-a.  I want ice cream now!  Turn off the music!" And so on.  I counted her and told her that she was getting a time out.  That happened before I even got across the street from the Chik-fil-a.  Then I told her that I didn't appreciate her behavior and that her actions were what resulted in our leaving.  At one point on the agonizing 15 minute ride home, Angelfish told me that Ladybug was acting like a brat and she was tired of hearing her scream and cry.  I told her I agreed, but that we shouldn't call her sister a brat.

When we got home, I let Angelfish out of the car, set her down with her dinner to finish and took Ladybug and put her in her room.  I was so proud of myself.  I didn't yell.  I just ignored her the best I could until I could put her in her room and then I told her she had to stay in her room until she decided that she was going to act nicely, not scream or cry, and that she was going to talk to me nicely because I deserve to be treated nicer than she was treating me.  And I walked away.  She kicked the door and screamed and carried on a bit, so Angelfish and I played and did our own thing and simply ignored her.  She stopped about 1/2 an hour later and decided to read a book and then came to be with us.

And I won't even get into bed time.

Come Saturday, I was thrilled to be up and going to Lucky's Lake for a TNT training.  Since my back is in it's little way, I was only doing a 2,000m swim.  The rest of the team did a 1,000m swim followed by a 5 mile run.  I finished up my 2,000m as the last of the group was finishing and heading out to run.  At first I had felt a little off in the water... but somewhere I finally got into the rhythm and the last 1,000m was probably a good bit faster than the 1st.  I put my stuff in the car, and Coach Geni had me run about 25 feet one way and back to check out my shoes to make sure it didn't look like I had too much stability.  Shoes looked good.  Hip and lower back area all jacked up and my shin was killing me as I did it.  Walking - no pain.  Attempt at running - pain.  So they told me some stretches to help with my hips.  Problem is, I've always had really flexible hips.  To the point that my yoga instructor used to laugh when we did "the pigeon" because she had to make me do the hardest variation just to get a stretch.  Which tells me, it's my lower back.  So I hung out to cheer everyone in on their run and ruminate about St. Anthony's.

Afterwards, I headed home where the girls told me that I smelled yucky - which I did.  I smelled like lake water!  After a cleansing shower, we decided to go to an art festival downtown and called a friend to see if she and her husband would like to go to.  Turns out they were planning on going too, so we met them there.  The art show was a bit of a flop - it's was more like a crafts show.  But we had fun with our friends, who were patient while our children tried to smell or pick every flower in creation, climb rocks and fences, etc.  The things that we are definitely used to but that I realized those without kids may find rather annoying.  The girls loved M & J though.  Held their hands, sat in their laps and gave them hugs.  When we made dinner plans with them and parted ways, Angelfish wanted to know where they were and why they weren't going home with us.  It was pretty cute.

We got home and I headed out to the grocery while the girls were supposedly napping and while Mr. Darcy cleaned off our screened in porch from the pollen that gets out there so we could grill out with our friends.  I got the groceries put away and all the sides made in time for our friends to arrive.  We had some beers and hung out and the girls asked why they didn't have any kids.  Ladybug stood up and declared - I want you to have babies!  Luckily our friends laughed and said maybe in a few years.  Of course, Ladybug also asked me if I would have another baby for her birthday. She prefers a baby sister, but she'll take a baby brother.

Angelfish merely announced that she wants her birthday party at the splashpad where last year's party was.  I told her that we might not have a big birthday party this year and she said "Of course we are! June 28th! right there!" I told her that we were going to be at the beach on vacation and that we would have a birthday party with Grammie and PaPa, Aunt Sue and Uncle Rob, Laurie and Julia, and maybe some other relatives if they could make it.  She decided that was okay.  As for presents, Angelfish says that she "likes cars, trucks, and race cars."  Ladybug on the other hand appears to only be concerned about the cake, and would like "a big cake with Ariel, all of her sisters, her Daddy the King, and even Ursula!"  And Ladybug of course reiterated her desire to go to Disney and see the princesses - about 4 times in 2 1/2 days.

The Zoo
Sunday we all slept in.  The girls and I got up and had breakfast out on the porch and could hear a rooster crowing, which they thought was cool. (There's a farm not too far from our house as I discovered the other week while running and heard a Moo sound...) Then we got dressed and I set the girls to work waking Mr. Darcy.  We finally got on the road to the zoo (it's about 45 minutes away in Melbourne) and the girls were playing with a calculator, which was cute except Angelfish kept multiplying or subtracting and she'd say "the numbers changed! over and over again.  Finally, they tired of trading the calculator every 5 minutes and we started talking about cows and birds and other things we saw on the drive.

We had a ton of fun at the zoo.  We fed birds nectar, road a train (that was a waste of time and money) to see 2 camels, some impalas, a lemur, and ostriches, saw a ton of different animals.  Played with the water near the wart hogs - Angelfish saw water on the ground but didn't see the sprayer and said "Eww.  Those pigs are gross they threw their pee pee up here!"  I cracked up and showed her the faucet, which she and her sister decided was cooler than the wart hogs.  The girls favorite was the giraffes.  I rather love the giraffes too... and the monkeys.  We had a great time!

Afterwards, we played dress up and built a tower for their little ducky (named Quackie) to live in.  Then we watched "Belle and the Beast" (known to the rest of the world as "Beauty and the Beast") while Mr. Darcy got a chance to watch the Masters.  Then Mr. Darcy grilled for us and we had dinner on the porch and Angelfish and Ladybug declared that "Today was the perfect day! You're the bestest!"

And I must say that I completely agreed!

This morning, it was Monday again.  I had a little insomnia last night and Ladybug wanted her Mommy in the middle of the night, so Mr. Darcy was kind enough to take the little ladies to school this morning while I did my trigger point leg rollers, the grid roller, back stretches, and a little bit of yoga to help with IT band issues should there be any (I pulled them right out of Runner's World magazine.).  I also did the pigeon position to stretch my hips... and it's definitely not my hips.  Flexible as all get out, which is good.    I have to say that those trigger point leg rollers and grid rollers are awesome.  Yes, I'm in pain a bit when I use them to the point that I sweat, but I also breath like they tell you to and feel so much better when I am done.  I definitely need to do it more.  I had some clicking with my back this morning (one when I was just sitting down even), but the stretching and pressure point exercises sure helped a whole bunch.

Coach has still banned me (and rightfully so) from running.  I get to walk 20 minutes on Friday at a brisk pace IF I honestly feel okay and don't have anymore clicking.  But I have swimming and cycling on tap.  It's starting to be the taper for the race, so nothing super intensive. Swim practice tonight. 15 miles on the bike tomorrow.  45 minute continuous even paced, form focused swim on Wednesday. 20 mile bike on Thursday.
20 minute walk on Thursday (providing all goes well).  And Saturday 2 crossings at Lucky's followed by a 10 mile bike.  Last year, I would have thought this was hard and be wondering where the taper is... this year it seems so normal.  that makes me pretty happy.

 It's hard to believe that St. Anthony's is only 2 weeks away.  I'm excited and sad all at once.  I'm excited to race, but sad because I know I won't be doing Team in Training again for a bit.  But I'm also glad to be able to be with the girls in the evenings on a more consistent basis for awhile and doing my training in the mornings too.  I guess the word is bittersweet.

I'm looking forward to another rather busy but good week. Let's see what comes up!

Post Script #1: Super cool contest at a great blog I just found... Ryder Sunglasses and running gear at Shut up and Run! HERE:

Post Script #2: I keep seeing postings about this 100 pushup challenge.  Pretty cool.  After St. Anthony's I will begin the 100 pushup challenge... it's one way to get better toned arms!

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  1. What a weekend, sorry, but the little ones adventures had me laughing alot.