Thursday, April 29, 2010

Day in Reverse

Today seems to be shaping up to be the reverse of a normal day for me. Normally, I wake, get Mr. Darcy out of bed, dress, get the kids ready, hit the road or water for my run/bike/swim, go to work, get children, etc.  This morning didn't quite work out that way and it makes me feel like things are "off."

Mr. Darcy had to go to Boca Raton for work this morning.  I still woke, got Mr. Darcy out of bed, dressed, got the kids ready... and then I had breakfast.  A full bowl of cereal while wearing a shirt and a skirt and shoes.  (Usually this is where I'd be wearing gym attire and just grabbing a quick mini-breakfast before the workout.)  Then I got the kids in the mini-van and took them to school and came home and started working. After a bit I went to do the blood work for the bone marrow registry - 3 big vials and 3 small vials. Grabbed a sandwich from my favorite deli on the way back.  Ate and worked at my desk. 

Do you see the missing piece?  I sure do.  It's called my workout.  And I'm actually sitting around fantacizing about when I'm going to do it.  I have Day 2 of the pushup challenge, which I cannot miss because I will have to wear a bathing suit at the end of June... (not to mention in a few weeks on my girls' weekend) and not the tri stuff.  I'm actually too busy on race day to worry about what I look like, I'm in the busy of getting it done.  But sitting on the beach in a bathing suit with the kiddies and the hubs?  Pushup challenge will be adhered to... and I am actually concerned about myself with this part.  I am actually looking forward to the bike trainer for a 45 minute stint.  The only way I'll get it in is when the girls are home, so that means while dinner is cooking for part of it and probably after dinner for the rest.  The trainer. In front of most likely a princess movie.  I am so tired of princess movies.  Why is it that I got such girlie girls?  I liked matchbox cars and climbing trees and reading books as a kid.  Not dress up and princesses.  There is photographic evidence that I liked to play with a tea set, but I'm pretty sure that was before I discovered that there were bugs to play with.  Anyway.  I am looking forward to it. 

Granted, I'd much rather be on the open road on this beautiful sunny, blue sky day.  But it's better than not getting it done.  And the way I'm feeling today, I've got to get on the bike somehow.  So that's the plan.

I think Annie may be doing a bit better.  The poor thing still turns into a U every morning when she's gone the whole night without a muscle relaxant, but she's actually up on the extra chair in my office - her usual nap spot during the work week.  She hasn't jumped up there in days.  We'll just have to see how it goes.

The girls LOVED gymnastics yesterday.  Ladybug at one point spotted me and stood up, waved and said "Mommy!  I'm learning how to flip over this bar!!"  She was so excited.  Angelfish took to the balance beam as though it was nothing.  Granted, it's only a few inches off the floor at this point, but she walked it backwards, forwards, and sideways and only fell off once.  Of course, she also got a reprimand from the teacher for trying to knock her sister off of the balance beam, but that's probably something I would have done at her age... okay or at mine if it was Mr. Darcy on the beam and not a child... they did some short sprints, hopping like frogs and stretching as warm up.  They did an obstacle course where they ran and used a spring form to jump onto a soft platform, run across it and jump down, jump on one leg, then sort of do a cartwheel type thing to get over a rope, do a somersault down an incline and then walk across the balance beam.  Then it was on to another little course where they were on the lower bar of the uneven bars and they pushed and pulled them selves so they had themselves with their belly on the bar and arms long and straight and would swing their legs 3 times and then flip over the bar; then to the parallel bars which they walked on their arms (with a block under them for support), then to the next bar where they jumped up onto it and then swung and jumped down.  My kids also saw the rings hanging down and swung on those while pulling themselves up.  They're strong little monkeys.  The next set of fun was to climb up and then slide down a slide into a pit of foam.  Then from the pit they climbed up an easy (and short) mountain climbing wall, then bounced on a springy floor (that Angelfish kept trying to figure out what made the floor springy) and jumped doing hurdle jumps and legs together jumps and then repeating.

When I asked the Little Ladies if they wanted to come back next week, Ladybug asked if they could come back tomorrow. : )  Angelfish said she definitely wants to do it again next week, so we're all signed up.  They loved it, and it keeps them active, so I'm all for it.  Watch out Nadia Comaneci!!

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  1. I can understand feeling out of sorts when you don't get your routine morning training done. And yep, it sticks in your head all day until it finally gets done. Of course, sometimes ya gotta go with what the schedule throws at you and just get the training done whenever that is. I still prefer morning workouts the best...they seem to set the tone for the rest of the day. The little ladies seem to be loving the gymnastics. I loved gymnastics as a kid.