Thursday, April 15, 2010

Additional Thursday Thoughts...

to the Thursday Test Drive.

This morning at 3:21 am, Ladybug woke up screaming because she was afraid of the dark.  Mr. Darcy slept right through it, and I had insomnia from that point on.  Ladybug was so loud that she not only woke me, but she also woke Angelfish.  So I had not one but 2 little ladies to snuggle with and to calm down and get back to sleep.  If only there had been someone to help me get back to sleep.  I would start to nod off and then think about training and St. Anthony's or the fact that my Junior League dues are due or that I forgot to tell Mr. Darcy that his glasses had come in at the eye doctor or that I need to do laundry and return some things to Kohl's.  About 5:45, I finally started to nod off... right when the alarm went off.  I got up and took my medicine and then tried to sleep some more.  Started to fall asleep and the snooze alarm went off.  I got Mr. Darcy to reset the alarm clock and I slept until about 6:30ish... sort of.

I laid in bed thinking to myself, okay I should get out on the open road on my tri bike for a little more time in the saddle.  Then it started to pour down rain.  But it was wierd.  Not just a steady rain.  It would down pour, then stop raining all together, then rain lightly and then down pour again.  It was odd.  And with the shortage on sleep, I decided... I was going to the Y.

I did my 20 mile ride on the stationary bike in 58:12.  I told Coach about my lack of sleep and the rain, and she told me I needed to sleep and to start riding in the rain.  As I said to her, I don't want to break myself before race day so I was taking care... if it rains on race day, I will race (of course) while avoiding painted surfaces, metals, and puddles.  And in the meantime, I'm praying for good weather.

Mr. Darcy and I also came up with my final and real race schedule for the year.  It's one he can live with and one that I can live with too.  I wouldn't have minded adding one sprint triathlon in October, but Mr. Darcy said he didn't think that he could handle that in addition to the schedule as it is now.  So unless I can talk him into that one a little closer to that race day, the schedule is complete.  Drum roll please... and the Schedule is:

3/7 Princess 1/2 Marathon (Completed)
4/25 St. Anthony's (obviously) (A/B Race; It's been A but with my back...)

7/18 Moss Park Olympic Distance (B Race)
9/12 Florida Challenge Triathlon Olympic Distance Clermont (A Race)
10/2 1/2 Marathon Disney Wine and Dine (B Race)
11/21 1/2 Marathon Women's in St. Pete (A Race)
12/11 5K Reindeer Run (C Race)

I think it's a good solid schedule.  Not overly crazy, and yet not underwhelming either.
As for schedules, today is a busy one.  Work, of course. TNT Bon Voyage party at 6 pm and Little Ladies' Art Show at 7 pm.  Ladybug is a little anxious about my attending because she knows I have Bon Voyage, but I've promised her and asked her if I've ever broken a promise and she said "No!" and gave me a BIG hug.  So come hell or highwater, this Mommy will be at the art show at 7 pm on the dot!
Oh!  And I did my initial test for the pushups.  I'm pretty impressed with myself, really.  First I did the test on an incline to make sure I didn't mess with my back and got to 28 before my arms hurt.  Then I figured that put me too high in the range, so I did regular pushups right afterward and I still got to 15.  I am stronger than I thought I was.  So I'll be starting the Pushup Challenge right after St. Anthony's!


  1. I like the race schedule. I am still working on mine, I am having problems deciding.

  2. um.. kudos on the pushups. I think i am going to join you on the 100 pushups challenge. I am a wus.

  3. Very doable schedule! I am not quite done with mine for the year. Still have to find 1/2 marathons for August and October.

  4. Is there a way you change your text so it is a little darker? Maybe it is just my computer (or eyes), but I have a tough time reading the light gray text.

  5. that's a solid and realistic race schedule. you'll enjoy the push up challenge (emphasis on challenge!). I'm on week four, day 2 completed today. i can tell a difference in my arms and chest muscles. I hope you get in some good riding in this weekend. It has just been ferociously windy for the last 4 days here.

  6. Looks like a great schedule. Good luck!