Monday, August 17, 2009

The Weekend Report and a Monday

For whatever reason I now have the Lion King tune that goes "It's the morning report, it's the morning report" stuck in my head. It is official. I've watched too many animated features since my 3 year-olds have been born... primarily in the last 6 months as that's when I finally broke down to let them watch more than one 1/2 hour show. Hopefully I haven't ruined their brains.

Anywho. The weekend report. Here it goes:

Friday night I was exhausted. It was a rest day so you'd think I would have more energy but I had none. Fell asleep pretty close to after the kiddies were in bed.

Which really was a good thing because Saturday started with a 4:50 am pickup time with Training Buddy, that was a little more closer to 5 am because I accidentally set the alarm for pm, not am. Wishful thinking, I guess.

Somehow Training Buddy and I made it out to Lake Sumter Community College before anyone else and in record time. (Perhaps it was the extra adrenalin from running behind and jumping out of bed in a flash. Good thing I have a strong body clock...) A few moments later, everyone from the Team in Training Nike Women's Marathon team appeared and we began our morning torture, uhm, run. It was hill repeats. The TNT group is running their marathon in San Francisco, and coming from Florida that will definitely take some hill training. This is Florida so the only place to go for hills is Clermont. In our case, a neighborhood with a hill that is essentially a 60 degree incline, if not more. We warmed up in the parking lot, stretched, and ran 1.25 miles to the bottom of the hill. During the 1.25 mile run, I couldn't help but think that this really wasn't the morning for this.

But, once everyone arrived at the bottom, we started. 1/4 mile up and 1/4 mile down the evil incline. I made it 3/4 of the way up while running the 1st and 2nd time and then somehow tuned out my brain telling me this wasn't the thing to be doing 3rd time and made it to the top while running. I was thrilled but my HR was 182. Let's just say that while I ran all of the downhills this time around and that I did all 6 hills AND ran the 1.25 miles back to the car, I never quite made it back all the way up the hill.

Afterwards, it was party time. Training Buddy & I got back in the car, I drove like a mad woman, dropped him off, got home, showered and changed, and out the door by 9:15 am. Off to a 4 year old's birthday party at Monkey Joe's - a cute bounce house sort of place. The girls had a blast and I had to climb in with them a couple of times so they weren't scared at first. Mr. Darcy had nothing to do with climbing in, and I have to admit it was difficult for me to do because these things are built for kids not 5' 7" women (or 6'1" men in Mr. Darcy's case). After pizza, cake and a little more fun, we were off to Costco. After that Mr. Darcy decided to drive around a little so the girls would fall asleep in the car... and all 3 of us did. Ladybug, Angelfish and TriMommy. All sound asleep in our seats.

Sunday was another early morning, but luckily not as early. 5:30 am is better than 4:30 am. But I didn't get an icebath in on Saturday so I was stiff legged (and stiff butted) as Training Buddy and I started out on our 50 mile bike ride and what should have been a 6 mile run afterwards. The bike ended up at 51 miles and just a little over 3 hours. Yet again another Longest ride! Whoo Hoo!

The ride was good too because we had amazing animal sightings - a family of 3 deer crossing the street in front of us, 6 deer on the farmer's hill, other deer scattered about, 2 cranes, an animal that we thought might be a possum but really were not quite sure (other than it was bigger than my dog, brown and had a big tail and wasn't a racoon, ardvark or other known creature... kind of scary) - and some terrible headwinds. You know the head wind is strong when your computer says you're going 16.3 mph, the wind starts, and you notice that you're going 14.1 mph within moments. Add stiff legs to the mix and you have quite the workout.

When we got back to the house and started the run, my legs were not happy. I told Training Buddy that they were giving me attitude because it was literally as though they were saying to me, "Are you serious? You ran 6 miles of hills yesterday and had no ice bath, made us do 51 miles of cycling and now you expect us to run?"

I ran the 1st mile and then did a 4 minute/1 minute Galloway for the 2nd mile and then a 4 minute/2 minute Galloway the 3rd mile. My HR was staying down this time around which was good, but my legs were screaming everytime I did the running. Walking they could handle, and I could even walk at a decent pace, but running was torture. Training Buddy wanted to stop at the house for a refill on beverage, and when we stopped I realized that because we stopped I literally could not make myself restart and felt a little tingly (the lack of electrolytes...I'm pretty certain). So the 6 mile run turned into a 3.2 mile run. But it was better than nothing.

I did a lot better about drinking on the bike this time, but think I probably should have drunk a little more. I definitely need to take endurolytes because I have a feeling that's what I was missing - especially when my hands were swollen so badly that bending my knuckles was an optional activity for a bit. That and I probably need to eat more on the bike. I may try Training Buddy's suggestion of a PB&Honey sandwich during the ride because I really can't bring myself to eat more shot blocs or gels than I already do.

After a shower and an ice bath, things were closer to normal. Fingers were still swollen for another hour or two, but they were atleast functional again. Had lunch with the little ladies and played a bit, then we signed up for the YMCA and enrolled Angelfish and Ladybug for Fall soccer. This is gonna be good. Our cutie pies playing soccer. We asked that they be on the same team for our sanity in having only 1 practice a week and only 1 game to attend each weekend. They are both super excited and were "practicing" with Mr. Darcy in the backyard yesterday evening (while wearing dresses). I will be sure to post pictures once soccer begins. Our 3 year old phenoms (Angelfish already blocks out Ladybug for the ball). Tee hee.

Then a haircut for Ladybug, who when I told her that I thought her haircut looked beautiful told me in a rather self-assured way "I know Mommy. I look like a princess!" Angelfish wanted a haircut but hers is still growing out from the massive cutting that occured a few months ago and looks really good. She was trying to get it all over the place while telling us she needed it cut because she had "crazy hair." All she did was make her hair look even cuter! But the lollipop she got for waiting like a well-behaved girl at the Hair Cuttery smoothed things over. Then we played a bit and watched "Word World" (and somewhere I fell asleep only waking to discover the show was on but no one was in the room with me), practiced soccer and ate dinner. The girls played in the tub for awhile and then helped us bathe the dog before bed. How they laughed when Annie ran like the wind around the house and scratched at the floor and rubbed her head on the floor! They chased her and finally made her a bed with a blanket so she wouldn't be too cold since her hair was still wet (such sweetie pies).

They hadn't had a nap, so they were tired little things last night. Angelfish sat watching me read her story with her mouth hanging a little open like both she and I do when we're super tired. Ladybug yawned and laid on the bed listening after petting Annie a good while during the story. They were asleep within minutes of us turning off the light. And so were we! Mr. Darcy was tuckered out from the weekend and I was from all the training.

Monday morning was here all too soon. The girls are happy to be with their teachers one last week before they start with new teachers next week, and to be going to Disney with us on Friday. It is a half day at daycare as it is that day, so we decided to make it into a family fun day since our seasonal passes are back to being useable. I went for my next bit of blood work, which took a bit of waiting for but it got done within the right window of time. The doctor's office says it will take a week to get the results, which stinks. The waiting is the bit I don't like. My theory is that I will not have Cushings disease because while I have some of the symptoms, I also do not have some of the symptoms. But, let me tell you... I will feel much better once the doctor tells me that the blood work came back and all is well.

Training wise, today is a rest day. And I'm tired. For lunch, I may just take a nap!

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