Wednesday, August 26, 2009

A Wonderful Birthday!

Today I am 34. Yikes. 34. Oh well, I guess this means that come January I'll be in the next age group up. Not sure if that's an advantage or not. But, I am seriously lucky to have another day on this earth let alone look forward to the year I spend as 34.

This morning, I woke up thinking "it's my birthday. Can't I sleep in?" The answer, of course, is no. I had a 2000m open water swim at Lucky's Lake to take care of. While the house slumbered, I headed off. There were half a million people at the lake today and finding a spot in Lucky's enormous front yard was actually a bit lucky as almost all of the grass was taken already. Lots of first timers. One who swam on her back without using her arms. I almost ran her over. She should thank her lucky stars I did a forward sight right when I did.

Anyway. A very sweet person I met through Team in Training, K, was there and she gave me a birthday present and sang Happy Birthday to me! A little embarrassing with the group of unknowns at Lucky's this morning, but lovely all the same. Training Buddy made banana nut muffins to celebrate Coach's birthday and mine. (We share the birthday... no wonder we get each other!) The current was not a birthday gift as it kept pushing me way to the side and then I ended up swimming diagonally to get where I needed to go, but I got all 2000m in (or as I jokingly said to Training Buddy, more like 2500m in).

After such a sweet start to my day, I went home and showered (nothing like the smell of a lake), started working, and my friend J. brought coffee by and chatted with me for my birthday. Then back to work. I checked my email and had a huge number of Happy Birthday wishes via Facebook and regular email. I got phone calls from some of my best friends in the world, and I couldn't have been happier.

More work, and then Mr. Darcy came by to have lunch with me. We went to my favorite deli and bakery for lunch, where I had a coconut lime cookie all to myself - along with my favorite sandwich in all the world. And subsequently vowed that after tonight, the sugar content of my diet would be decreased greatly and only fueling with the right foods will occur between now and Augusta.

More work, of course. And then, perhaps one of the best gifts I could get today.... the phone call from the doctor's office about my blood work. It finally came in, and I do not have Cushing's Disease. All results are normal! I know, several people told me so. But nothing is so wonderful as having full confirmation. It's like a weight has been lifted. Of course, I have to have my thyroid and cortisol re-run in February because having PCOS like I do makes me "more susceptible" to thyroid issues. Luckily, and perhaps because I asked the nurse 5 million questions about the blood work, why I was having to have it re-tested, etc., the next set of results will be discussed with me in person by the doctor with a true appointment. After being subject to the doctor's tendency to run very late (last time I waited over an hour for my appointment... not good when if you're 15 minutes late they'll cancel your appointment for you and charge you $50. I wanted to charge the doctor, let me tell you), I made sure to get the 1st appointment possible on the day. But joy of all joys! I am not having brain surgery or adrenal gland surgery, I am not going to have to go on steroids that make me blow up like a balloon. Best of all, I won't have to miss out on anything with my children or my husband, or miss any training! Oh yeah!

And my birthday isn't even over yet! I get to spend the evening with Mr. Darcy, Angelfish and Ladybug... and maybe even have a little cake and open a present or two!

Oh and the waves are posted for Augusta, September 27 at 8:14 am the big 70.3 begins!! I had a dream the other night (and the same number popped into my head while running the other day) that I would finish Augusta in 7:48:34. Of course, I think that is a bit unlikely based on my run times and even my bike... but who knows! Stranger things have happened!

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