Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Why Not to Be a Mush Pot

Yesterday I gushed about Mr. Darcy and his love via the Ice Bath. There was a partner at my old law firm (who was pure evil, I might point out) who used to always say to me "Good deeds never go unpunished." Normally, I would not agree with that statement. Without getting on my soap box about it (suffice to say it is one of the many reasons I chose to leave law firm life and practice in house for a corporation), let's just say yesterday it was true.

I gushed and Mr. Darcy showed me why I should keep my gushing to myself.

Last night, Coach posted the training schedule for this week. Mine is a hair different because I swam yesterday and Coach insisted I skip the team's bike workout today because I didn't rest on Monday. The rest of the week is going to rough, so I didn't fight her too much on it. Usually I have one weekend day as a rest day but because of the need to have a high volume week, it couldn't be done. I apologized to Mr. Darcy because this week will be tough on him. I won't be able to be home when the girls wake on Wednesday or Thursday morning, and I'll be MIA for part of the morning on Saturday and then a chunk of the day on Sunday. I told him that I felt badly about it. I told him that I needed to do it all because I wanted to do my best in the 70.3 and make sure I finish the race because 1) I want to do it for me; 2) I want to make sure that all the time and effort that he has put into letting me train didn't go in vain; and 3) I've missed out on playing with the girls weekend mornings and I didn't want that to be in vain either. Mr. Darcy replied, don't think you're doing this for me and the girls because you're not. I don't care if you finish the race or even do the race. When I got upset about it, he said "I'm just being honest."

Sometimes, folks, it doesn't matter if you're being honest. Sometimes, you just need to keep your darn mouth shut. That whole "if you don't have something nice to say, don't say anything at all."

In some ways I like Mr. Darcy's honesty. I never have to worry that he's lying to me, and since lying is one of my pet peeves and something that I do not believe needs to occur between two people who are married to each other, I appreciate the honesty. However, I do not appreciate the inability to use the v-chip. You know, that chip that tells you if you should or shouldn't say something. I'm sure I've failed to use mine from time to time too. We all make mistakes, but you would think that something this big in my life - training for a Half Iron Man - would be something that would register "use the v-chip." Perhaps not.

Now that I vented about it, I'm over it. It's not like I didn't already know that Mr. Darcy could care less about this race or that it was something he is probably counting the days until its over. It's that I didn't actually want to hear him say those words. Oh well.

Today is a rest day, and so I slept a bit later than I normally would, which was nice. I took a nice shower and put on work clothes. (I work remotely from home, so lately I've been wearing shorts and shirts because it's darn hot, I'm usually still hot after my shower, and I don't go into an office. Today I put on dress pants, a nice blouse, kitten heels and even did my makeup.) I had a nice time getting the girls ready for school, having breakfast with them, and then drove them to school to give Mr. Darcy a break from the usual morning routine.

The gas light was on in the mini-van, of course. I'm not sure what it is but somehow the gas light in our 2 vehicles comes on when I'm driving. I seem to be the resident gas pumper in the family. Luckily, daycare isn't far from the house so I made it there and back without incident.

Ladybug was amazingly chipper and happy today. She didn't give me a hard time about getting in the car or putting on her shoes or going into daycare. Angelfish was pretty good too... until we got to daycare and she didn't like that her socks weren't as long as Ladybug's socks (they do this thing where they pull their socks all the way up and say that they are going to ballet dance, which was what Ladybug did that set Angelfish off when her socks only went up to her mid shin and Ladybug's went all the way to her knees).

Angelfish simply refused to get out of the car. I had to pick her up (with her tightening all her little muscles so it was harder for me to pick her up... the smarty pants) and carry her in. She was crying and said that I scratched her when she was in the car. I apologized and told her I didn't even know I had scratched her and that it was an accident. But the waterworks had started and weren't stopping. She's so very fair that she gets crying spots on her face and those were forming. Little pink spots, it makes me so sad to see them.

Ladybug was great though... after I talked to Angelfish and tried to calm her down and then told her that I had to leave, Ladybug came over, gave her a kiss on the cheek and held her hand. What a good sister!

Then as a little treat to myself, after I pumped the gas, I went and got a cafe latte from Barnie's. Back when I worked in the Atlanta office, I would walk to work from the parking garage and every once in a while get a cafe latte when I needed a little pick me up to get me going. It was a rare event because on principal I have a hard time paying $3 for a cup of coffee. But sometimes, you just need to treat yourself. Thus the latte.

It was scalding hot so I let it cool as I drove home, made myself an egg, and ate my orange. A beautiful morning, really. Today I go to the cardiologist to find out my test results. I moved the appointment up to this morning because they had the spot and the doctor was double booked tomorrow. Afterwards, I hope to have lunch with Mr. Darcy.

A beautiful start to what is shaping up to be a beautiful day. Tomorrow will start with a 3000 m open swim, which I'm sure will be beautiful and butt-kicking all at once.

Until then!


  1. You're so right - sometimes they just need to zip it. What he doesn't understand is that if you weren't doing THIS, you would be unhappy or not at your full potential. If you're unhappy or operating at half speed, he would have to understand that WOULD affect him and it wouldn't be pretty;) That's my $.02...OH, and it is for the kids. I don't see a better example of a better mother than one that balances all those things AND chooses to live a healthy lifestyle!

  2. Glad your enjoying your rest day. Isn't it funny how a day off from training and a cup-o-joe can help you see the brighter things in life?!?!?

    Oh and I care about this race, and I'm rooting for you! I can't wait for your race report! I'm racing through you since I'm on the DL till next season!

  3. I dont know Mr Darcy, but I feel he was just mad that night. I think he really does care that you are doing this race inside. And he will be proud when you finish it, it could have just been one of those nights. I agree, keeping quiet probably was best.