Friday, August 7, 2009

Friday Fifteen

I realized that it's Friday and that I claimed I would be doing the Friday 15 on, well, Fridays. Hopefully you all can stand more than one post from me this Friday... and hopefully I'll be able to come up with 15 things to say.

1. Don't let the rumors fool you. Arkansas is a beautiful place. Don't take my word for it, visit the blog Mabel's House (see side bar for link). You'll probably end up following my wonderful friend Liz on her adventures and be happy you visited!

2. Speaking on Mabel's House, I really need to start using more pictures in my blog. I've been carrying around my camera and even taking some pictures here and there, but always forget to download and then re-upload. I'll work on it, promise.

3. Especially because there was a baby deer in the back yard today. Gorgeous ... and I got a picture, even if it's cute little face was pointed in the wrong direction. I think Mommy Deer was calling it back into the preserve.

4. I really took the picture to show the girls, as they're in love with the deer that end up in our backyard... but I got myself to download it so I could share with you all.

5. I love flowers. I say this because my parents went to the grocery and brought me back white and yellow daisies "for my birthday" which isn't for another few weeks. Flowers make me happy! I have them in my office for some cheer. (Artwork courtesy of the wonder twins.)

6. The only sad thing about flowers is they die. Of course, I read something once that indicated that at the outset that was the whole point of cut flowers... to remind you that the beauty of life is fleeting and to be treasured while it lasts. Perhaps that's why I like them so much!

7. I have a lot of useless knowledge from things I've read. If only I could turn that into real cash. I'm no Jeopardy champion as I only know random bits of things... a lot of random bits of things. I can hold my own in the living room, but those people are faster than I am on the clickers. Plus, I get a second chance when my 1st answer is wrong.

8. I hate the smell of pee. This, of course, poses a problem while potty training little children. I have a nose that can smell pee a mile away. I knew Ladybug had dribbled in her pants one day before anyone else even had a clue. I kept asking her and she kept saying no and finally I told her she had to take off her underpants to show Mommy they were dry because I smelled pee on her. She fessed up.

9. I can't understand why Ladybug would be willing to walk around with pee in her britches. I'm really good about dealing with her accidents and tell her that I am not angry with her and that she needs to listen to her body and not ignore it when it tells her she has to go pee. She hates poo in her pants and (knock on wood) doesn't do that anymore. But why the pee?

10. I knew you all REALLY wanted to hear about today was pee.

11. We're having chicken stir fry for dinner tonight. Nanna said she wanted to cook it and she and Poppop headed off to the grocery for the marinade she wanted to use and chicken that wasn't pre-cooked. I'm a fan of the grilled chicken breast that's pre-cooked. It makes my life easy, but I guess it's not too good for marinating.

12. I laughed when Nanna asked if Angelfish and Ladybug liked rice. If it's a carbohydrate, my kids love it. Another good reason I hope they get into sports, with a secret place in my heart hoping they want to do triathlons with Mommy. They're fast as can be on their little trikes and when they run and they love the water. They'd probably beat me soundly in every race, but how cool would it be for the 3 of us to do triathlons together.

13. Guess I should focus on getting them to learn how to swim if I want those tri dreams to come true.

14. Of course, I only want them to do triathlons if they want to do them. Mr. Darcy would like them to play golf and tennis with him. Grammie and Poppop both would like them to play the piano. Nanna hopes they like crafts some day. Funny how we love to share what we love with the little people we love.

15. Speaking of the people I love, I'm really looking forward to this weekend with Mr. Darcy, my little ladies, and my parents. Not sure what we'll do, but I'm sure it will be fun!

Whew... 15. Stream of consciousness works every time. I'll try to remember my Friday 15 for next week so you don't endure double posting. And I'll even include more pictures!

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  1. Keep taking those kiddos to tris AND even a kids tri just to'll get em hooked!