Friday, August 7, 2009

Dastardly Irony

Yep, dastardly irony. Yesterday in my blog I said "No, I did not skip my ... workout. (With less than 8 weeks left to race day? Are you kidding?)" And I meant it. But in this full moon (which I have now decided has been the cause of all of my craziness and nothing seeming to go quite right this week - minor troubles popping their heads up at every corner), I should have known not to tempt fate. Fate it seems has a sense of irony (to borrow a line from The Matrix movies).

I had blood work to do this morning to re-check my thyroid and cortisol levels because 2 months ago my thyroid appears to be within normal parameters, but my cortisol levels were very high. Of course, the blood work was done the week after the weight discussion with Mr. Darcy meaning I was a bit, well, overly emotional. The doctor ordered a recheck and after my internet research about all the things high cortisol could mean (every thing from anxiety disorders to cancer to just plain unexplained levels), I figured I should definitely get it rechecked.

I had my swimsuit on, my bag packed for the gym, my breakfast for after the bloodwork (since my doctor wanted me to fast beforehand) gear for my drills. I was tired but determined. I told myself if I got in the pool I'd feel less tired after a bit and I'd be adding miles to my tank for the 70.3. I was ready and willing.

Unfortunately, even with my scheduled appointment the full moon took it's effect after I tempted it with my statement yesterday. The appointment took too long and if I went to swim I would be seriously late to work. At first I thought I'd be able to go at lunch time, until I remembered that I have a chiropractor appointment that is using up my lunch break. I unwillingly am having to skip my swim today. Not a happy camper about that.

At this point, there really is not much I can do about it but blog and register my complaint with our dastardly friend, Irony.

In other news, Ladybug really cut back on her tantrums for most of this week... until this morning. It's not so bad when it's not every day and it's in small bits. Of course, she's having 1-2 potty accidents each day, usually because she's using whether she goes to the bathroom to exercise some sort of control over things and then realizes right as she can't hold it any longer that she can't hold it any longer and pees a bit before making it to the potty. If she continues this today, I'm going to tell her that I don't care if she goes to the potty but that the other little kids might not want to play with someone that smells like pee pee and that they might not let her move up to a new class room if she doesn't use the potty, and let ther know the choice is all hers. I'm already enduring enough pee to frustrate me, so if a little reverse psychology works more power to me. I just have to get Mr. Darcy on board too.

Angelfish has, all in all, stopped whining... thank goodness! She has been super sweet and has returned to loving on her Mommy. This morning she wanted to go with me for my blood work and when I told her that they were going to have to stick a needle in my arm to get the blood she said, "I like it!" I think she might become a doctor. Angelfish knows the word for stethescope and what it is used for, likes to look at cuts and ask daily if they are feeling better (until they are gone), has a good bedside manner, likes the pop up books at the book store about the human body that show the organ systems and internal stuff, and likes to wash her "hands" by washing with soap all the way to her elbows and sometimes almost to the elbow. If that doesn't scream "I'm gonna be a doctor when I grow up," I'm not quite sure what does. With our family history, a cardiologist would be good to have around.

My parents are in town and as always are a big help. Just this morning Nanna folded laundry and washed sheets, Poppop did dishes, changed the water in Angelfish's flowers (she asked if she could buy some at Costco this weekend and we let her since she had been so good all weekend long - she chose peach colored roses), and went to the grocery. I always tell them that they don't need to do any housework, but they like keeping busy.

Last night we had a birthday celebration for Nanna (even though her birthday isn't until Monday), and the girls loved giving her their gifts. Nanna was a big sport and shared the slinky bracelets that Angelfish gave her with the girls, and fawned over the stuffed monkey that makes monkey noises that Ladybug gave her. Ladybug did a great impression of the monkey too. I think Nanna might have to watch out because Ladybug really loves that monkey!

Tomorrow is a rest day, and Sunday I have a brick consisting of a 45 mile bike followed by a 6 mile run. It will be the most mileage I've ever done in one day, so I'm a little nervous but I'll be with Ryan (and any other team members that decide they want to join us) so that will calm the nerves a bit. I just don't like doing those long distances by myself if I can help it... besides it's much more fun to have someone to join you in self-torture, I mean, self-improvement!

So let's hope the full moon and it's friend Irony will be busy elsewhere this weekend!

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