Monday, August 3, 2009

Full Immersion

Yep. It's true, I've been fully immersed in reality again. I wish there were somehow that there could be a way to live each day like it was vacation. Perhaps that's what it's like to be independently wealthy with no need to have responsibilities like getting little people up and ready for school, working, laundry that is calling my name, and random other items of import. I wish I could say that I'd find out but unlike the book I read over vacation Julie and Julia, I seriously doubt that my blog will be picked up to become first a best selling novel and then a major motion picture. Somehow Americans are much more interested in someone working their way through cooking Julia Child's recipes in a year than they are in a working Mom who trains and competes in triathlons. I'm not quite sure why, both have their own brands of insanity, but so it is.

There is no training report for today because well, training is taking the form of a track and core workout this evening. Better than a treadmill, but I'm not looking forward to sprints and trying to run a mile super fast. Gasp... I just realized I'd rather do hill repeats at 6 am or run several miles straight at my own pace than sprint track workouts. Not sure what that means, other than I may have fully lost my marbles and like long distance running. Egads! Maybe that is why I wanted to run while on my cruise. Whatever has become of me? I like to run. EEK! Hide your children and loved ones... I think the world may be coming to an end. This folks is a serious evolution of greatest proportions that causes us all to question (my) sanity!!

Not to mention that there's even a certain thrill today in reviewing my legislation for my states and finding hidden in some budget reconciliation bills potential business law and tax changes. Even that is interesting and fun today.

Perhaps there is some sort of mind alteration that occurs on vacation. One that makes you both more and less tolerant of things in your "normal" life. I think I had worked up a barrier to whining, but since back from vacation I cannot stand to hear Angelfish whine. (It's a serious annoyance of mine, whining that is. I do not do it and cannot abide whining. Complaining is fine, it's a stress reliever. Whining is just awful.) Yet, I can stay much calmer when Ladybug is screaming up a storm and attempting to order me about. It's not fun and it's even worse when Mr. Darcy gets worked up about it, but I can withstand it's annoying properties and deal with the Ladybug in a much easier way.

I don't even think I mind the laundry that's calling my name. Perhaps I am ill. Or perhaps these are the effects of a truly relaxing vacation. I have to admit, I can't remember the last time I had such a relaxing vacation. Past vacations in recent memory, while wonderful family time, have consisted of a lot of running about and protecting things from small children and small children from things.

I hope to try to extend the feeling of relaxation as long as I can but with the return to reality, I fear that it may be short lived. But I can do my darnedest. Heck, I might even convince myself to like a track workout.

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  1. I love distance, but feel soo good after a speed workout. Hope you are able to keep on feeling relaxed!