Thursday, August 20, 2009

Recovery Week is a Funny Thing

If you've done it right (which I evidently have), it seems that you should be tired during your recovery week and use the week to keep yourself moving but to still recover. This morning was another morning where I debated with myself. Do I get up and do the 25 mile bike, should I stay in bed and sleep, should I "cheat" a little and do the 25 miles at the gym on the stationary bike, or should I just stay in bed and sleep?

By the time I made my mind up, I had slept about 1/2 an hour later than I would normally, and Mr. Darcy hadn't gotten up either. I realized that if I didn't do the bike ride, I'd probably be annoyed with myself later on, so I figured that due to lateness of the hour and the fact that I wasn't feeling it, I would go to the gym and do 25 miles on the stationary bike.

For whatever reason (I think it may have to do with the fact that I don't have to worry about balancing or directing the bike and a difference in the type of resistance and body position), I am much faster on the stationary bike. So that was settled.

Angelfish and Ladybug were very excited about school today because they are having a party. Any party that involves cookies and juice boxes, and they're in. What they're not excited about is the reason for the party. It's their last full day with their current teachers. Angelfish loves her teachers, especially Ms. W. I asked her yesterday if she was excited about starting her new classroom and she said no. I asked her why and she said, "You know what I told Ms. W, Mommy? I told her I would go if she went with me." Having to explain that Ms. W. is going to have a new class full of students didn't go over well. She wants to be with Ms. W. Ladybug is feeling the same way about her teacher Ms. A. Ladybug told me "she loves Ms. A. so very much" and doesn't want to leave her. I have to say, in a strange sort of way, I'm thrilled about this.

No, I'm not looking forward to the calls from Mr. Darcy saying how awful it was in the morning to take the girls to their new rooms until they get used to it. But it makes me feel very good about the love, care and attention that they are getting at daycare. To become attached, they must be getting shown a lot of love and care. We've seen them always happy and loving with their teachers and seen that it's been returned when we were there, but it's good to know that it happens while we're not there too.

So, anyway, it was pretty easy to get the girls to the car this morning... aside from Ladybug who couldnt' get her hair just they way she thought her little boyfriend at school would like. Who knew this stuff would start at 3? Ladybug has already had 4 boyfriends in the space of a year, but this current one was the one she had before he went home for the summer (his Mom is a school teacher) and as soon as he came back, #3 was out the door. Evidently the feeling is mutual because they spent the afternoon holding hands and boyfriends' Mom even wanted them to be in the same class together, but Ladybug and he are set to be separated. He'll be in with Angelfish, but they'll still get to see one another on the playground. Heartbreak at 3!

Drama aside, proof of cookies for the party reviewed, off they went. And off I went to the gym. 25 miles in 1:06:30. 24 minutes faster than on the bike. If only that could happen on the real bike! But, I got the 25 miles done even if I did miss the wind in my hair and the sun shining down, not to mention the open road. Next time, I'll get on the bike.

Recovery week is a funny thing - want sleep, want workouts, want sleep, do not want workouts, want sleep!


  1. I'm with ya sister because it's a recovery week for me too...I lerve them to death. I'm trying not to milk it too hard buuutttt...did I mention that I lerve them;)

  2. I am with you. I was tired, started an hour late today, went slow. Did I mention tired? I am kinda tired.