Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Oh and They Survived...

The Ladies survived their first day of their new rooms at daycare yesterday. Both teachers said they did well. Ladybug said she likes her teacher and her new room but that she likes Mommy the best. (And I didn't even have to bribe her!) Angelfish said she likes her teacher and her friends, and doing art. They both enjoyed the sandbox on the new "big kid" playground too - and rolled around in it pretending to be "stinky pigs"... so they were covered in sand when I took these pictures!
Angelfish's artwork from day 1 in the new room

Ladybug, my little Ham

Oh, and on a story of sheer cuteness, last night Ladybug was having a hard time going to sleep so Mr. Darcy decided to rock her. While he was rocking her, Ladybug said to him "Daddy, why did you give me a lollipop AND a cookie in one day? That is just too much sugar, Daddy!" Little ears hear everything!

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