Thursday, August 27, 2009

This Morning and the 70.3

Ok, so this morning did not work out nearly as planned. I was supposed to do a 35 mile bike ride - fast - and it did not happen because the children and Mr. Darcy left the house at 7:30ish and somewhere my Mommy brain decided it was better for me to not do the airport ride with our group so my children could see me and for me to do it on my own. Whenever I try this, it never truly works out. Yet I keep being optimistic that this time it will get done.

I am at least going to get something done though. I am going to go to a cardio cycling class (aka spin class) at the YMCA that we just joined by our house. It's not likely that we'll get 35 miles in, but at least it's a spin class that I can use my clip ins for so quality wise it's better than me skipping the workout all together (and probably better than the stationary bike for the time I'm able to do it today). I was going to try to do the stationary bike and realized that by the time I got my nutrition together and to the gym, I wouldn't have the time to even get 25 miles done because of work. Then I got the idea about the spin class... I will do it as my lunch hour and I'll work a little late to make up for any overage (which shouldn't be more than 20 minutes at the worst).

The good news is that I have recommitted myself to the 70.3 as of this morning. From this day forward until the 70.3 is over, I am going to do each scheduled workout. I didn't go this morning to the airport ride because this week is insane. (I'm sorry I didn't go though for the workout, but I am glad I was able to help with the girls this morning even if Ladybug frustrated the bejebus out of me.) Anyway, the insanity: I had Junior League Tuesday evening and didn't see the girls Wednesday morning because of Lucky's, then tonight I have another thing I am going to so I didn't want to miss the girls both this morning and then this evening. Mr. Darcy is now leaving town for his weekend function immediately after work on Friday and will be gone all day Saturday. Then Sunday I'll be gone pretty much most of the day for our 55/8 brick.

I guess the time away from the girls is really weighing on my mind. They have been asking Mr. Darcy ALOT about where I am and what I am doing and why I can't be home with them. Ladybug in particular has been extra clingy the past few weeks since I've started having really long bricks... tearful and the whole 9 yards. She even was jealous that Angelfish and I are going to have Angelfish's cholesterol bloodwork done tomorrow while Mr. Darcy takes her to school... even after I explained that the bloodwork was going to pinch and hurt a little bit at first.

But, I want to finish the Augusta 70.3. I am not under the illusion that I will actually finish the race in 7:48:34 like my dream told me. While that would be wonderful, I am not that fast from what we've seen in my training sessions. I'd have to have the swim of a lifetime, have no leg pains after the bike and be able to run like the wind for 13 miles, not to mention be faster on the bike. (Who knows though, maybe I'll surprise myself!)

It is realistic for me to finish the race, however. Especially since I emailed the race director and asked what the time cut of is, and it's 8 hours from when the last wave gets sent out. My wave is at 8:14 am, and 8 hours from the last wave is 5:06 pm. So, if all goes as planned, I have 8 hours and 52 minutes to finish. Of course, I'm hoping that the fact that the race director asked me how many 1/2 Ironman tris I've done so far isn't a bad sign.

I am confident that I can get all of the distance done, but I am a little nervous about being able to get it done within the time cutoff. A DNF because I wasn't fast enough will pretty much kill me. I know I can do the distances, it's just how long it will take me. So, I am making the commitment not to miss any other planned workouts, even if I have to hire a babysitter. That way no matter what happens, I cannot look back and say I should have tried harder.

I am going to have to be a little creative with my time in the next few weeks and am going to have to find a way to make sure that I stay committed during that time. I know that we will taper in about 2 weeks or so, but the next few weeks leading up to the race are going to be a little crazy around our house. Here's what is going on:

Next week: Mr. Darcy has a work trip leaving Tuesday and returning late on Wednesday, possibly early Thursday (I'm waiting to find out his flight itinerary).

9/7 - 9/13: Tuesday evening I have a Junior League meeting (shouldn't be a problem with workouts though); Sept 10 is Mr. Darcy's birthday; Friday after work we're going to Mr. Darcy's parents' house until at least Saturday evening. Mr. Darcy wants to stay until Sunday morning, but I'm trying to convince him otherwise so I can make sure I get my workout for the weekend in and so I can pack and be rested for the next week.

9/14-9/20: I leave Monday, the 14th (10:30 am flight) for Arizona for work. I do not get back until 8:30 pm that Wednesday. I think I can get at least a Monday and Tuesday workout done (I am teaching a seminar Tuesday morning but couldn't get a decent flight home until Wednesday morning... it takes all day for me to get back home.)

9/21-27: I leave Monday the 22nd for DC for work to teach another seminar. I will return Tuesday evening and if I get home in time, I need to go to a Junior League meeting that evening as well. I can probably get a workout done that Monday but Tuesday doesn't look likely. 23rd I have a hair appointment. 24th a doctor's appointment, and the 25th we leave for Augusta.

The 27th I finish my very first 70.3 and get my shiny finisher's medal!

After the 70.3 is over and I have my shiny finisher's medal, I'd like to ease things back a little... perhaps have a recovery season with an eye toward doing St. Anthony's starting in January at the Olympic Distance level, maybe doing the Vera Bradley Half Marathon as well. (How far have I come on running that I would even consider a half marathon??) I'd also like to do some other Olympic Distance races throughout the year next year with maybe some fun sprint tris sprinkled in if I can find them. Because of the girls being so young and both their need for me to be around and my wanting to be around to do things with them more too, I don't plan on doing another 70.3 for a few years. But I'd like to get faster and better at each of the elements of triathlon and get to be a pretty solid Olympic Distance triathlete.

Training for the 70.3 has been great for me and I've enjoyed it. I want to really enjoy the 70.3 experience and I really want to finish the race. The 70.3 training also has been good for me to help me figure out what I want too. I want to keep active with triathlons, do TNT fundraising once a year, do more community service and meet people, and be with my girls and Mr. Darcy enough that I don't feel like I'm just squeezing it all in. (I still have to hold down my busy full time job too!) Especially since Mr. Darcy and the little ladies are my priority.

So that's my morning and my commitment to the 70.3!! I can do it!!


  1. Yes you can do it, you will surprise yourself and beat the time you have in your head. Keep up the training, stay with the game plan, and on race day, remember its the reward for all the hard work you went thru.

  2. OMG! We ARE sharing the same brain!! We must meet up at Augusta... we are in the same swim wave! :o)

    OK- I really applaud your renewed commitment. I am feeling that way too. I KNOW I can finish the race, but for me the heat/humidity of the day will determine everything. If it can stay in the 80s, I should be ok, if it gets into the 90s, I plan on doing a lot of walking during that 1/2 marathon. :o) And finally... FINALLY... I am OK with this.

    Sounds like we have the same plan for next year as well. Honestly, I don't think there's anythign wrong with being a short-course specialist. I truly think that some folks are cut out to do short-course and some to do long-course. If this wasn't the case, then every ITU racer would become a top iron distance athlete and win world championships... but this just doesn't happen.

    I personally have had a lot of short course success, but so far (at least in my training sessions), I haven't been able to translate that speed over to the endurance side of things. And well, I keep telling myself that THAT'S OK! :o) I beg for track workouts; some people beg for 5 hr. bike rides. Different strokes for different folks.

    We can totally do this thing at Augusta! Yes, yes we can!!!

  3. Oooh... and TRY to have fun during your 55/8 brick this weekend! I have a 75/4 myself. WISH we could pull each other through this together! :o)

  4. Yes you can do it!! I have had similar doubts about my 70.3, but I will do it!!