Monday, March 30, 2009

A Weekend of Peace and Other Things

In a way it sounds funny to say that I had a peaceful weekend, but I did. It's funny because on Saturday Ladybug was an absolute terror for a large part of the day and then ended the day with a huge fit because she was completely over tired (due to no nap despite 2 1/2 hours of trying to get them to nap) which ended with her falling asleep when I finally got her calmed down. Yet somewhere in the thick of it all (even in moments of frustration), I felt anchored as though I was right where I was supposed to be doing exactly what I was supposed to be doing. And it gave me a sense of peace... not to mention it somehow gave me some extra strength to keep my cool during it all. That's not to say I didn't yell once or twice, but it is to say it was only when it was completely warranted (like when they were supposed to be napping and I heard a giant crash 2 1/2 hours in and I run in to find them both jumping hurriedly into their beds while the glider chair and foot rest were completely upside down... I thought their dresser was pulled over on top of them due to the sonic boom sound emanating from their room).

Saturday was a bit rough on the potty training front, but Sunday was much better. Angelfish was the super pottier, keeping her underpants completely dry and poop free. Ladybug did great other than 2 poop mishaps. But the best part of Sunday was the girls' conversations with one another. One of them was when they were both going to go potty before we went to Target. Ladybug and Angelfish agreed that Ladybug would go first, and as Ladybug climbed onto the toilet...
She said, "Mommy."
Mommy: Yes, honey?
Ladybug: Please shut the door. I want pivacy.
Mommy: You want privacy?
Ladybug: Yes. Angelfish you out too.
Angelfish: I want to stay.
Ladybug: No. I want pivacy.
Angelfish: Ok.
Time passes... business is completed.
Ladybug: Ok, Mommy and Angelfish. You come in now. I done. I went pee! YAY! Your turn Angelfish.
Mommy: Great job, honey! It's your turn Angelfish.
Angelfish: Yay Ladybug! My turn. Hurry up! (Climbs on toilet.) Ok. Close the door!
Ladybug: You want pivacy?
Angelfish: Yes! (While doing a motion with her arms that was like slamming a door...)Close the door!
A few minutes later, Ladybug opens the bathroom door.
Ladybug: You ok Angelfish? Everything ok?
Angelfish: Yes. (Repeat of arm motion like before) Close the door!
Ladybug: You still want pivacy?
Angelfish: Yes, you close the door!
(This was repeated twice until I told Ladybug that Angelfish needed her privacy too and that her opening the door was invading her privacy. Mr. Darcy and I were doing our best not to laugh our heads off!)

As for my Saturday workout, my legs ached afterwards. My quads were pretty much on fire after the bike and my left shin was on fire after (and at some points during) the run. We did a 25 mile bike and then a 5 mile run. The bike was hard - not because of the distance but because of the hills. We biked a trail out in Clermont that started in one town, went to Lake Minneola, up a hill that looks small and then your bike almost stops despite the fact you are pedaling super hard in your smallest gear (can you say 6 mph while pedaling the heck out of your bike... I am not one to curse often, but I used a huge expletive while trying to get up the hill and to survive the asthma attack that decided to happen part way up the hill... my 1st one in 4 years), then back around the lake and back to the 0 mile mark of the West Orange Trail. At one point I was not pedaling and going down hill at 30 mph... so let's just say these hills were steep. But it was very fun and I really liked it. Then the run where my shin splints were evil yet again for the 1st 2 1/2 miles and then let me run the rest of the way. Pain radiating into the arch of your foot is not fun, but frozen peas are pretty helpful. I wasn't fast, but I got it done and I had a pretty good time while doing it!

And now I am looking forward to my weekly training and my girls' weekend this coming weekend. Swimming tonight is always fun, so I'll keep you posted!

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