Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Point of Clarification...

I received a question from one of my dear readers, so I thought I would give some clarification to my hatred for Orange Cycle that I posted yesterday:
1. Orange Cycle is the bike shop that I went to when we 1st moved to Orlando to try to help my hybrid be a better racing bike without having to buy a road bike at that point. So, they fleeced me back in September. It was only now that I realized how much they had taken advantage of me... releasing my ire on them (and a bit on myself for letting it happen).
2. I did not buy my new bike (or anything else) from Orange Cycle. Cheap used car salesmen of bike shops as they are. Even when I went to test the Cannondale and Specialized bikes I felt like they were trying to do a pressure sale.
3. I bought my wonderful new Fuji Roubaix Pro from a great shop - Advanced Pro Cycles, which is down by the airport on Semoran - that I highly recommend. They take the time to explain things, love to ride, have champion triatheletes and cyclists on staff, and like to educate people about bikes and biking. Their prices are rather good as well.

So to sum things up... ADVANCED PRO CYCLES GOOD; Orange Cycle BAD. I will post more later after my dreaded doctors appointment to discuss my recent cholesterol test that all I could get the nurse who called to tell me was that it was a "little bit" better. I may be asking to get referred to a cardiologist because I can't figure out how to eat any healthier (we follow all the low to nonfat dietary restrictions, etc.) and it turns out that a genetic cholesterol issue runs in the family called familial hypercholesterolemia. Plus, if 40+ miles of cardio each week isn't enough exercise, I don't know what is!

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