Monday, March 2, 2009

Orange Cycle Sucks!

Yes, it's a double posting in one day. But when I realize I've been had, I don't get mad. I get even. And while I am not necessarily widely read in the blogosphere, I will still have my 2 cents to say. DON'T EVER SHOP AT ORANGE CYCLE! ALL THEY WANT IS YOUR MONEY.

In September, when I was first bit with the triathlon bug, I went to Orange Cycle in Orlando with my hybrid to see what I could do to improve my efficiency on the bike. I was sold handle bar extensions that I didn't need and was told it would help me get a little more aero - lie! It made my elbows stick out which causes more wind resistance. Second, I was sold clipless pedals and a pair of biking shoes. At the time I specifically asked if I would be able to use the shoes on a road bike if I ever bought one and I was told YES. Well, I find out today that answer was kind of like Bill Clinton asking what the definition of "is" is. If I were to put MOUNTAIN BIKE pedals on a road bike then the bike shoes would have worked, but because of how they are constructed the shoes can't work with road bike pedals because there isn't enough room to put the brackets on the shoe so they can clip in. And this shop was honest. They showed me everything and explained it all and even offered to let me return the clipless pedals I was buying if I wanted to put the old pedals on the new bike and use the old shoes on the bike. I decided to go with the new pedals and new shoes but I have vowed to NEVER BUY FROM ORANGE CYCLE again and I will encourage others to not frequent them either!

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