Monday, March 23, 2009

A lot to catch up on...

Ok. So here's the skinny... or at least part 1 of the skinny because I only have a few moments before I have to hurry off to swim practice tonight. What day is it? Oh, Monday. Ok. I think I left off last Tuesday. It's been a doozy of a few days. I'm just hoping to make it to a day where life slows down a little bit.

Wednesday I ended up postponing my workout until I arrived in Boston. Unfortunately, both of my flights were delayed and while waiting in the Atlanta airport found out from my boss that they laid off the LA Region attorney and paralegal team. So, not only am I feeling badly for them but I also have more stress because there's more work that will be landing on my plate and oh, yes, tomorrow I have to stand up in front of a group of attorneys and paralegals and make sure I do a d@mn good job to make sure that I'm not the next should there be another round of layoffs. I finally get to the hotel after wandering the Boston airport avoiding the emergency lights flashing that went off with no reason, take a cab, call home and head to the indoor pool. This pool is half the length of a standard pool, so I have to do twice as many laps as usual... but boy did I feel fast. I could do the length of the pool breathing only once and if I really pushed it was able to do some lengths without breathing until the wall.

Thursday I woke, did my seminar to what seems to have been a good crowd who gave me good reviews (yeah!). Then back to the airport where I had hoped to get an earlier flight home, but to no avail. So I read books about bicycling and talked to my paralegal on the phone. On the plane I fell asleep and got home just in time to help put the girls down to bed. Those little faces after a work trip are always a welcome sight! But then Mr. Darcy convinced me to stay home because he hadn't seen me all week, so I skipped my bike workout that evening. It was going to have to be on a stationary bike so it wasn't nearly as tempting as usual.

Friday I went and swam and then afterwards spent the day with Angelfish at Disney. We had a blast! She liked seeing the princesses and then we went on the Tea Cups (her ultimate favorite. After the ride she wanted to go on it again, but I lured her away with the promise of the carosel that she likes. On the walk to the carousel, she told me, "Mommy when I older I go faster on cups!" The girl likes speed... Then we rode Dumbo and headed home. THe place was packed so believe it or not, that (and lunch) took until around 3 pm. It was great!

Then Friday night we headed to Orange Park to visit the in-laws. We got in late, but Mr. Darcy held up to his end of the bargain and worked out with me. It was a 25 mile bike ride followed by a 5 mile run. Mr. Darcy made it through the bike ride and walked 2.5 miles before throwing in the towel (and complaining the rest of the day about how much his legs hurt). I was happy with my ride even getting up to about 18 mph a couple times on the ride, and then I ran the entire 5 miles except for about 5 minutes when I walked because of my shins. I felt like a rock star. Not only have I never biked 25 miles in my life, or been at 18 mph while riding, but I can't remember the last time I ran 5 miles. Happy as a clam, and my legs didn't hurt all day either!

Sunday I made it up by 7:30 and was running by 8... 50 easy minutes of running... and I actually enjoyed it. Today, it's swimming which I love although it's a little cooler than I prefer and it rained which means that the pool will probably be a bit chilly this evening. Oh well. It's good for me right?

So that was the quick and sweaty version of the past week. If I find more time, I might be able to fill y'all in on other thoughts. But right now, I'm off!

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