Thursday, March 12, 2009

A Swim, Glasses and the letter S

Today I went for a swim without my contacts. It wasn't nearly as troublesome as I thought it would be. I could see just like I always can while swimming and discovered that I look a bit up and to the front of me while swimming. I paid attention to this because another Team in Training member said that people sometimes get a bit freaked by the fact that they can't see the bottom of the lake/river/ocean that they are doing an open water swim and that when she gets worried she focuses on looking at her hands when they enter the water and pull down past her upper body. So when I got in the pool today I thought about where I look. Turns out that I don't pay much attention to the bottom of the pool, although I do see it.

The open water swim doesn't frighten me because of swimming in something that resembles tea, although that might change when I am actually in it (I'll be able to tell you after Saturday's Wildman sprint triathlon), but because of all of the other people that will be in the water. As my parents were fond of saying when I was a teenager, "We trust you, it's everyone else that we don't trust." I trust my swimming abilities, but I worry about getting kicked, swum over, punched, etc. At the same time, that's the lure of it all - to enter the water at the same time as hundreds of other swimmers and be able to find your spot and make your way through the swim and hope to emerge before everyone else.

But I will feel better about the swim once I have contacts again. I have an eye appointment today because 1) I'm completely out of contacts and 2) this means that I am in need of my annual check up. So I'm wandering around in my glasses, which evidently look a bit like Mr. Darcy's because this morning Ladybug said, "Hey! Give those back. Those are Daddy's glasses!" And we had to remind her that she broke Daddy's glasses and that these were Mommy's. To which she responded. "I accident broke Daddy's glasses. I climbed on his head!"

When I wear my glasses for the first day after awhile I see just fine but things are different. I notice the edges of wear my glasses end and my sightlessness begins, and it causes me to have a little bit of a depth perception issue at first. Which is why when I missed throwing something in the trash this morning and bent down to pick it up, I ended up picking up the letter S instead. A red foam lowercase letter S that is part of a puzzle the girls have and we're always looking for errant letters. Somehow this one strayed into the bathroom and has gone unnoticed. Perhaps I too will go unnoticed and slip past all those other swimmers in the open swim as I focus on my stroke and attempt to zip on by.

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