Wednesday, March 4, 2009

I LOVE my bike!

Yes, it's official. I am absolutely in love with my bike. Yes, I know I said that before about my old bike... but that was before I knew what an amazing bike ride could be like and I always knew the Trek had faults. But, the Fuji Roubaix Pro is my new main squeeze. I took my first long ride this morning, and it was great! I took it easy on the first 8 miles so I could get to know my bike a little better. But, it's like I already know it. I get on, and it does basically what I think about telling it to do. And it's fast. It was rather windy this morning (and a brisk 42 degrees), so I wanted to be a little cautious... I am, after all, in a completely different position than on my old bike, and balancing on tires that are probably 1/4 of the width of the old bike, and it handles so much better but is also so much more sensitive to my movements than the old bike.

At one point I was biking 15.5 mph! Yes, for an experienced cyclist that would be slow, but for me that was perhaps the fastest I've gone when I wasn't biking downhill. Even with the wind and my going slower for the first 8 miles, I finished my 18 mile bike ride in the time it took me to do 15 miles on my old jalopy. (Poor Trek, see how quickly it's relegated to the back of the bus?)

I will have to get used to a few things with my body position... like remembering to bend my elbows to get into a bigger tuck, the overall tuck position, and the fact that my head isn't up like before and I need to look up with my eyes more than my whole head (crick in the neck). I also either need to have more practice or get my clipless pedals loosened because I fell over 2 out of the 3 times I needed to unclip today because I couldn't get my feet out fast enough and was going too slow. The first time was on grass but the 2nd was on concrete and it hurt. ... thank goodness I was going rather slow and had on long bike pants. And I will have to get a new pair of bike gloves because my old ones don't have the padding in quite the right spots and my thumbs got a little numb by the end of the ride. But even with the things I need to get used to, it was amazing. I have a need, a need for speed!!!

My new love... my Fuji!

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