Tuesday, March 10, 2009

Swimming & Recommitment

Last night was swim practice... a 25 minute long swim. We were told to get in the pool and warm up and then do a straight swim so that we could get out in 25 minutes and have our nutrition discussion. So, we swam and at the end we had to tell how many times we hit the 100 m mark. I did a 1200 in 25 minutes, and was one of the only ones to get to 1200. Another girl did also, but I was already out of the pool and waiting around when she got to the wall... and this is a girl that can solidly beat me on the running (and most likely the bike too). So, I felt pretty good about it all. As I've said before, if only there was more swimming involved in the tri!

Tonight is recommitment, which means that we are signing our papers to 100% be set for the triathlon and for our fundraising. A few things have happened in the past weeks that have made me even more steadfast in wanting to fundraise. First and foremost of these is that I keep coming across Angela's obituary. I put it in a drawer in my bathroom so it could flatten and stay safe until I have a chance to laminate it and put it in a scrapbook. And when I'm having one of those days or one of those moments (like yesterday seeing the scary photos of myself in tri gear plastered on facebook... having twins is not kind to one's body), I will come across her obituary and it brings different thoughts to mind. Yesterday, when I thought about those photos I remembered how Angela hated having her picture taken and now we all are sorry we have so few pictures of her, and while I still think they need to come up with some aerodynamic yet somehow figure flattering tri gear, I realized that those photos are good. The other day, I saw it in the morning while getting ready for my early Saturday morning workout and when I heard the mission moment about an honored hero who died this past week during his battle with Leukemia, I thought of Angela and how I know she and that other person's honored hero are at peace now. And then I thought about her when I saw "Slumdog Millionaire" this past weekend. I could have sworn the 3rd musketeer was D'Artangnan who while in the Three Musketeers is not in fact, one of them. And I told Bill, Angela would know. Another Team in Training cohort had an honored hero die last week too. Not to mention the lovely woman who gave us massages Saturday after practice to give back to us for raising money because she is battling Leukemia right now. Not to mention my own Mr. Darcy is waiting to hear back about some biopsies of some skin tissue... he's not worried about it, but I am and will be until I hear everything is just fine.

So, recommitment to Team in Training? I'm all about it. I can't say that there is anything else that I would want to do right now. Until there is a cure for cancer and people stop dying, there isn't enough that we can do. I have already surpassed the required fundraising and my initial goal of $3250. So, now my goal is to raise $5,000. I'm not quite sure how I'll be able to do that, but I am going to try anyway. I am hosting a fundraiser at California Pizza Kitchen on Tuesday, March 24th at the Waterford Lakes location. If you bring in the flyer that is included in this entry as a picture (just print it out), they will donate 20% of your bill to The Leukemia & Lymphoma Society through Team in Training. Or, if you can't make it and want to donate (no donation is too small), visit: http://pages.teamintraining.org/cfl/miatri09/kmartinmou

And here's that flyer....

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