Monday, March 30, 2009

A Few Quick Things Angela Would Have Loved...

... or been completely appalled by.

A few things came across my computer screen today while lunching that I had to share because I've been writing about Angela, and these things made me think of her today. Perhaps she is helping me find things to be amused about today.

1. This blog: It consists completely of quotes that people overhear from others. Sort of like my re-creations of my girls' conversations, but funnier. Much much funnier. I can almost hear what her commentary would have been. I am now a follower of this blog.

2. A book that I saw on another blog today, Pride and Prejudice and Zombies. For the huge Jane Austen fans that we are, Angela also liked the macabre. I can't decide exactly what she would have thought here. I'm of two minds about it myself. It's sacriledge on one level to such a great work, and yet something that is both disturbing and intriguing and you wonder where it will go. (Even more intriguing is that it has allegedly gotten good reviews.) I can't decide if she would be asking the gods to curse the author or signing up for his fan club. Visit for an exerpt to form your own opinion.

3. That the first article of the day that I saw had to deal with triathlons... but not in a good way. Evidently you are twice as likely to die of heart attack while doing a triathlon than you are if you do a marathon. 15 in 1 million participants. Still a low probability but high in irony. When you think of triathletes you don't think coronary waiting to happen. Evidently it's the swim... cold water makes you have constricted blood vessels which can aggravate existing but unknown heart problems and well, you get the picture. She would have a laugh about it all and then warn me to be extra careful.

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