Friday, March 6, 2009

Running and Too Much Quiet

Today I ran an "easy" 40 minutes. Believe it or not, it did seem easy today. I alternated 6 minutes running with 2 minutes walking, and even with doing that I went farther in 32 minutes than I used to be able to do in 45. I was pretty happy. However, my shins were not as happy but luckily these days they only hurt for the 1st 3-5 minutes and then only a few minutes after I finish. So, I think they are on the mend. Let's keep our fingers crossed on that one... these chronic shin splints are a bit annoying. I've changed shoes, tried orthotics, but to be truthful I think it's just getting in better shape and changing my running posture that may be what I needed.

Other than running, the girls are doing (knock on wood) amazingly well with potty training. This week Ladybug has not had any accidents, and Angelfish has only had 3. Two at school and one at home. We still have to be vigilant because sometimes they don't want to tell you they have to go because they're having too much fun doing something else and don't want to stop, especially Angelfish. But, I'm rather proud of them even if both of them now tell me "Don't say Yay to me Mommy." I guess they're too big for cheering when they go in the potty now. Let's hope it keeps up... pull ups are not cheap.

I have had to admit to myself that life has been a little hard on me lately. The Team in Training workouts are good for me because I actually get to talk to people, and I love my triathlon training, but I need more social interaction. Take a very social, happy woman away from her group of friends, her clubs and social functions, her charity work, and her office place. Put her in a new town with one girlfriend (thank goodness for her), working from home, the only volunteer opportunities she can find only let you volunteer during the work day, and she pretty much only leaves the house to train or to pick her girls up from daycare. What is the result of this little social experiment? Someone who is on the verge of saying she's somewhat unhappy (which is pretty tough for a formerly perennially happy person). I think the issue is that everything I do is on a schedule, I rarely do anything impromptu any more, and I lack time with friends. I used to be "plan? what plan?" Now my day is full of tasks that I must fulfill without a chance to do much playing. My workouts are awesome, but then there's the tasks that need to get completed for the day from the girls needs, wants, and whinings, to working, to cooking dinner so we don't have starving children (the truth is, if I don't cook we either don't eat or eat junk), to housework and laundry, and somewhere in there trying to get a few minutes to spend talking to my hubby, let alone trying to find any time to wind down from the day.

Part of this is being the mother of toddlers of course. I can't just flit off and do something different and exciting on a whim (there are diaper bags, snacks, drinks, attempting to reason with toddlers, and car seats involved). Well, maybe I could but I think DFACS would be involved, and plus I wouldn't want to do that to my precious love muffins. But I think the majority of this conundrum is that I miss people. Sure, people can be annoying sometimes but overall people are simply wonderful... their different opinions, their ideas, how they look at the world, what they choose to look at in the world, and their different backgrounds. What better entertainment and life experience can you have than meeting other people? So, I'm on a mission to make friends. How and where I will find these friends, I haven't the slightest idea... hopefully it will work itself out.

But for now, I'm off for a snack...

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  1. Kate, I know exactly how you feel. It makes me apathetic, I don't want to do ANYTHING! I want feedback! I want opinions, and people to just talk about the day's happening s with. I've never been extreemly social, but as I get older I really miss not having that sort of girlfriend interaction.