Monday, March 16, 2009

Post Script - Monday's Horoscope

So after my post earlier this morning, I found it amusing that this was my horoscope (or as my Dad liked to call them my horror scope) for today:

"Your moods can fluctuate wildly today, leaving you to wonder why your emotional keel is so uneven. You may be able to overcome your temporarily temperamental nature, however, by looking critically at all of the factors influencing your feelings. If you are facing a number of challenges while also attempting to meet personal goals and see to mundane chores, you may simply be feeling overwhelmed by all the obligations currently on your plate. To ease your distress and regain control over your emotions today, try to fix your attention in the moment by focusing only on those elements of you day that are most vital to your well being or health."

You can say that again psychic sister!

In other news... 2 of the 3 skin areas Mr. Darcy had biopsied came back just fine. The 3rd while not currently cancerous is abnormal and likely to become cancerous in the future, so he's having it cut out at the end of the month. And the girls' potty training wanes and waxes. But both were in underpants when they left for school this morning. Any bets on who returns home in different clothing than they left in?

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