Monday, November 2, 2009

The Week Begins...

with a sad goodbye to Halloween and a happy smile toward the upcoming Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons.  Other than the blatant commercialism of things, this is one of my favorite times of year.  I'm that girl who loves the spirit of Christmas and how from Thanksgiving to New Year's people seem just a little bit nicer and just a little bit happier.  What could be better than that?

Our Halloween was a good one.  I volunteered at the Winter Park Family Fall Festival in the morning, which the kiddies, Mr. Darcy and the grand-Darcy's opted out of because Grandad Darcy is having knee issues.  We'll have to go next year because the girls would have loved it - arts and crafts booths, face painting, music, food, bounce houses and all of it FREE (which is the part that TriMommy loves).  But I met them at home after Mr. Darcy's unsuccessful efforts to get the girls to play soccer.  This picture says it all about Angelfish and Ladybug's feelings about soccer....

Mr. Darcy and I are plotting to dress them in cheerleading outfits for their last game of the season.  They have 2 little "dress up" sets of it, might as well.

Anyway, so I came home and ate lunch with everyone, put the girls down for a nap so they'd be happy and have energy for trick-or-treating, and watched the Florida-Georgia game.  Go GATORS!

Then it was dinner and handing out candy while trying to tame two rather excited 3 year-olds into eating so we could go and get our own candy from the neighbors.  Angelfish was all about the trick-or-treating.  No fear, marching straight up to people and doors, saying trick-or-treat, reaching in bowls or saying "I can get my own" to people who tried to hand the candy to her.  People thought she was a hoot.  We insisted on her saying "Thank you," which she was good about.  Ladybug was a little more tenative, wanting to hold Mommy's hand while she did her trick-or-treating at first, but then she got braver as the walk went on.  Super cute.

My leg unfortunately was not as happy as the weekend was.  It is hurting worse and worse it seems, and I'm not running or biking. Walking can be just downright painful.  I plan to call the doctor and see if I can be put on a cancellation list to try and get in earlier.  Of course, maybe it's just getting worse before it gets better... but somehow I don't think so. Ugh.  I'll keep you all posted.

Now back to the work chaos...Happy November everyone!

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  1. Love the video clip and YES, we have our LLC to cover our arse!;) You look great!

    Blasted leg! Yes, I would try to get in asap as well.