Wednesday, November 18, 2009

The Sniffles

Last night we had a wonderful time at Missy's early Thanksgiving Dinner.  The food was great and the company even better - even the little ladies had a great time!  But we should have known that when Angelfish was telling us we needed to go home because it was her bedtime that she wasn't feeling well.  Of course, this is our child who goes to bed when she's tired.

3 am rolled around and she was calling for me because she needed to blow her nose.  She didn't want to get out of bed because we are doing a thing so that if they stay in their beds at night (and put on their pjs, brush their teeth, and go to bed nicely) that they get a red token.  8 red tokens a week (there's something for getting ready and going to school nicely too, which Ladybug decidedly did not even come close to getting this morning), and they get a choice of a toy or getting ice cream.  Anyway, she coughed for awhile after that and felt a little hot to me.  I gave her some water and she chugged it like a college kid at a kegger.

This morning she had a 101 temperature and obviously was not acting herself.  This is our little lady that springs out of bed in a happy sprite like mood each morning.  Laying on the floor like moving was a chore is NOT her usual.  So, unless she feels like going for a walk/run and doing yoga at lunchtime, it looks like no workout today.  Mr. Darcy is coming home just after lunch so he can watch Angelfish while I teach a webinar for work.

And I have to say that this economy stinks.  Chase Bank found my work number somehow and there is some woman out there somewhere with my same first and last name who owes them money for a piece of property in Arizona.  I don't owe them money and I don't own propery in Arizona, and they keep calling me.  I do not like to be nasty but I keep telling them that I do not own property in Arizona and that while my name is the same first and last name, there are probably millions of people with that name and they have the wrong person, not to mention that they are calling my work number which is illegal, and that they need to stop calling me because I am not who they are looking for.  It's really annoying too because we get calls on the house phone for random people that don't live here but owe people money.  It's a big pain in the rump.

Anywho.  Here's hoping that Angelfish is better soon and that she didn't infect everyone at the party!

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  1. Poor childrens! I hate it. Chase Bank - nice, what a pain.