Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Somethings Just Make You Laugh...

Here are a few things that made me laugh yesterday and/or today:

1. I blogged yesterday about the counter telling me that no one reads my blog, and got 3 comments, a new follower, and saw that another of my followers has my blog listed as a good read on her blog (Thanks everyone, and welcome!)

2. The doctor told me I could ride a bike, and so it rained all night and all this morning.

3. The doctor also told me to stretch alot, so I did yoga for 1 hour and 15 minutes this morning.  Now my pain has significantly subsided.  I'm sure my calf is still strained, but it doesn't hurt nearly as badly.  It's the first day in weeks that I haven't ingested at least 800 mg of advil.

4. I used to be super flexible before I started doing triathlons. I was the yoga girl for years. Today when I did yoga, it was like I never had done yoga before. I'm thinking yoga will be added to my off-season workouts... at least once a week.

5. I found exactly what Santa would like to bring the little ones for Christmas.  Now, I just have to get Mr. Darcy on board.  And no, it does not involve ride-on motorcyles like they requested.

6. Being on conference calls with other attorneys sometimes is like hearing a group of people who just like to hear themselves talk.  Jokes about potential legislation changes and lobbyists aren't really all that funny, but listening to the teller laugh at his/her own jokes can be.

7. Ladybug picked out her clothes and got dressed in less than 10 minutes.  It took her 25 minutes to brush her hair and she still wasn't satisfied with it when we carried her out to the car.  But she announced that she liked pears (she had a picture of a pear on her shirt).  Angelfish said "I don't like pears so very much."  To which Ladybug responded, "well, you do... a little." (they crack me up.)

8. Angelfish told me I was an elevator because I picked her up... she said I gave her a ride.

9. After taking all the medicine and vitamins the cardiologist has me taking, my total cholesterol is now around 150... but my bouncy LDL's are still low and my CRP is still high. So, his advice is to "make sure you keep doing those marathon or triathlon things you do" and keep eating healthy and taking the medicine and vitamins.

10. My cardiologist pointed out my blood pressure was slightly elevated today, looked at my chart and said, "oh yeah.  You're our resident white coat syndrome lady."

11. I told my cardiologist I thought of him last week because my Aunt had a heart attack and was dead for a minute or so and they had to use paddles on her and it burst the clot that caused the heart attack all over her chest cavity.  He told me how blood clots interact with plaque on the walls of your blood vessels to cause heart attacks - very scientifically - and then said "aren't you glad you eat healthy, take medicine, and exercise now?"  I didn't have the heart to tell him that she's also an overweight smoker with COPD and emphysema who thinks she knows more than doctors do.  But it made me smile.

12. Now that I have 2 conference calls back to back, it's not raining anymore.  But there's also no chance of me getting on my bike today now.  Sigh.  It makes you wonder if someone somewhere is trying to tell you not to do 30 miles just yet.

Little things that put a smile on my face today.  Irony... it's all around us!