Thursday, November 12, 2009

Sleepy Head, Get Out of Bed!

Today I did not work out.  I thought about it while sleeping.  I remember thinking a walk would be nice and even promised myself I wouldn't let myself give in to the temptation of actually running.  The next thing I knew Angelfish was climbing into my bed while eating a stick of cheese telling me to wake up.  She told me, "You're still in your pajamas, Mommy!  That is SOOO Silly!"   I opened my eyes, gave her a hug and a kiss and reminded her that she was still in her pajamas.  Her response, "Yes, but I'm eating cheese." 

Then I ended up looking for Ladybug.  I was certain I had heard her asleep in our room when I got up to use the potty at 4 am.  Mr. Darcy told me she was in there, but now she was up.  I found her getting dressed.  She even had pulled the rocking chair next to the dresser so she could reach her clothes.  Amazingly grown up at times, and amazingly stubborn too.  The child threw a tantrum because I put her oatmeal squares into a bag for her instead of letting her do it all by herself.  I ended up having to carry her out to the car.  Mr. Darcy wasn't pleased about it, but really there was not much I could do about it other than give in on the discipline we're trying to stick to with these kids.  And what's the point in discipline if we're not going to follow through?

When they left, all I could do was think of sleep.  I think it had to do with the fact that I ate something bad yesterday, which left me with ummm "gastric disturbances" for a large portion of the evening and a little into the night. So  I went back to bed for an hour and woke up with just enough time to shower, get dressed and wander into my office to work.

It's super cloudy, and for once feels like fall.  I'm just glad it wasn't a blue sky, fall crisp weather day.  I wouldn't have had a chance in hades of getting any work done.  I've been dreaming of days like that lately.  It's the 2nd week in November, for goodness sakes.  The 80's should not be part of our forcast.

Plus, it's my post-Atlanta blues time of the year.  I miss my Atlanta friends alot during the year, but especially at the holidays.  We've been here a year and don't really know anyone still.  That's probably typical, but it reminds me desparately of my friends in the ATL and how so very much I love and miss them.  This time of year, 2 of my friends and I would volunteer at the Festival of Trees and then afterwards have lunch.  This year I've signed up to volunteer at the Festival of Trees through Junior League but don't know anyone else who is volunteering save one person who I know who she is (and she doesn't really like kids).  We'd also have a little Merry Christmas dinner and exchange small gifts on another weekend.  There would be Mr. Darcy's office party which was a formal event and our gang of friends would pretty much all be there.  Then the wine party where everyone would bring a bottle of wine and the goal was to have more empty bottles than the year before.  There would be my office's low key holiday party.  Lunch with Cher and Kelly just for the holidays because we needed to see one another.  There'd be either brunch or a little get together with Nazrina and Deborah, sometimes with and sometimes without the rest of the gang.  Gift buying for the daycare ladies (which reminds me I need to add that to my To Do List).  The sorority alumnae association party where some years we'd drag the husbands and some years we would take mercy on them.  Finding a Saturday (or a least part of one) to spend with The Kenneys.  The calendar would be full before the end of Thanksgiving weekend.

We just don't have that here in nearly the same way, and it makes me sad.  A bit slower in my step, and when it's hot it doesn't even feel like the holiday season is upon us. Although the Kenneys will be here next weekend, and I'm super excited about that!  Getting to meet little C. and seeing Miss A. again will be awesome - not to mention our adult Kenneys who we love spending time with!

I'm trying to make it better. My friend Jen and I have planned to have lunch every other week.  She's also hosting a "Holiday Cheer" party with another friend, Kim.  Sort of like that wine party I mentioned, but more sedate.  A gathering of ladies to share champagne or bubbling wine (I've already got the prosecco chilling...) and hors d'ouvres. Even if I'm secretly fearing no one will come.  But really, I know I'll have a good time even if it turns out to be just Jen, Kim and I.  (Did I mention Prosecco is my favorite?)  So far it doesn't look like Mr. Darcy's going to have a holiday party for his work, so I'm planning to have a cookie baking day with Mr. Darcy, Angelfish and Ladybug where we blast Christmas music, bake cookies, and then take some to the neighbors and the daycare ladies.  Another weekend we'll trim the tree too. My office will have a party, but it's in Atlanta so I won't get to attend.  Eventually we'll create a fun web of friends.  It just takes time.  We've only been here a year.  We lived in Atlanta for 10 years... and  it took us 3 to make friends.  So time is all we need.  It's just funny how things can be so different from one year to the next.

I'm having lunch with Coach tomorrow, provided all goes well in both of our days.  I like spending time with her, so that will be good.  I've missed not seeing her as much as I did when I was training for the 70.3.  But we're going to chat and also talk about my funny little off-season that I've been having and what I want to do from here.

Things always look up.  Who knows, maybe I'll even get to ride my bike tomorrow!

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