Tuesday, November 17, 2009

O Happy Day!

Today, so far, has been a very happy day. 

For whatever reason last night, I couldn't even keep my eyes open past 7:30 no matter what I tried .... which would have been a problem since I was watching the girls solo while Mr. Darcy had tennis practice.  The Gods of the House must have known something was remiss because no one showed for tennis practice, and Mr. Darcy was sitting in my living room with the girls when I opened my eyes for a moment.  I felt like a terrible mother.  Never before had I done such a thing.  All I know is I must have needed that sleep.  Maybe my body was catching up to me after the several nights of insomnia I had last week.  But Mr. Darcy was wonderful.  He didn't try to wake me, and I even remember the girls' coming over to tell me something and waking me up and him telling them not to wake me.  I was out.  I woke up only to go to bed.  And drifted between waking and sleeping as Mr. Darcy watched "Dancing with the Stars."

Yesterday afternoon my boss gave me the green light to go to a CLE in Atlanta in early December.  I'm going to stay with my close friend "Belle" (I've talked about her before in this blog.).  I am super excited about it!!  We're going with our other close friend Craftygirl (she's awesome and always telling us not to buy things because she can make them for next to nothing... thus her nickname) to dinner and to see another Atlanta friend's new baby - these are the girls that I was referred to as "the triplets" when I lived in Atlanta.  Then I told Mr. Darcy about it and he suggested I stay until Saturday sometime so I could see some of my other friends too.  Can you say early Christmas present? WAHOO! 

So now not only do I get to knock out the Georgia CLE hours I need for this year and most of next year, I get to spend time with Belle and Craftygirl, meet a friend's new baby, AND get to have drinks and dinner (and maybe a movie) with Belle (hopefully Craftygirl) and my other good friends N., K, Jen and C!  I may even get to have breakfast with N and D before I leave town that Saturday too.  Just crazy happy.  I get to see my peeps!  It puts a spring in my step, joy in my heart and a smile on my face.

But that's not all!  This weekend our friends Jen and Steve will be in town with their little ones, and we're spending the day with them at Sea World.  Sunday, Mr. Darcy has agreed that I can go see "New Moon" (let's hope the acting is better than the last one, these books were my guilty pleasure reads) with my other friend Jen (I have a lot of friends named Jen... it's the era) and my friend K.  Happiness abounds!

But wait!  We also were invited to Missy's house for Turkey Dinner tonight, and Mr. Darcy doesn't have anything on his calendar, so we're going to meet up at Missy's!  YAY!  Great fun, good food, and I don't have to cook dinner.  We'll have that salmon dish tomorrow night.

I love a good social calendar!  But there's more!

I had an awesome swim this morning too... I had the pool all to myself until the last 5 minutes and I was rocking it!  I did a ladder swim going from 50 to 400 and back, and I did it like it was supposed to be all out for every step of the ladder. (Yes, Coach I rested from between 30 seconds and 1 minute between each.  I was a good girl. In fact for some, I needed that full minute to catch my breath!)  No buoy needed.  My leg was cooperating and didn't mind pushing off of the wall even (except once).  Add to that - Mr. Darcy said that both Ladybug and Angelfish did great going to daycare this morning (they were good up until they pulled out of the driveway, so I was already hopefuly), so that put him in a good mood too!

Now if only we could win the lottery today... nah, that's just being greedy.  I'll take what I have because I'm loving it right now!

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  1. Im a little jealous of the empty pool you had. I dont get that kind of luck