Tuesday, November 10, 2009

It's Tuesday!

It's Tuesday and I have random thoughts rambling around in my brain... let's see what's in there...

So there's this thing that you can use that tells you how many people visit your site.  I have it set to give me a weekly report and I laugh everytime I open it.  It always tells me that NO ONE reads my blog.  Even if I had a comment, which would evidence otherwise.  But either way, I'm okay with it.  Oh sure, who wouldn't like to be featured as the Blog of Note?  But then again, that might make me censor myself if I realize I have thousands of people reading my blog... at least for a little bit.  And who wants that?  I have yet to see a sports related Blog of Note, but we can always hold out hope.  I'm thinking it will be Steve in a Speedo? Gross!  (See my blog roll if you're not already a reader) if it ever is one.  That guy seems to be everywhere.  I put in a search for IMFL cutoff times the other day and his blog came up as the first search result.  But the truth is, I don't write my blog for fame or fortune.  I do it for fun and to get random things out of my brain.  I love getting comments, though.  It makes me feel like I'm not alone and I love getting to read blogs of others lives and doings... whether Tri related or not.

Today is the "big day."  I finally have my appointment with the orthopedist.  And, perhaps just for him, my leg is in full tizzy.  In fact, I was up for 2 hours this morning in pain until I remembered I could take advil since the last time I took it was before bed.  When it kicked in, it was like heaven and I could sleep again... unfortunately, the alarm clock was going off just a few minutes after it kicked in.  I ignored it though and slept for half an hour more.  Realistically, I figure the doctor will talk to me about pain, do some range of movement tests, and then tell me to go get an MRI.  I have plenty of fun things to tell him about my leg pain and movement (not to mention those circles I made yesterday, which have faded a bit due to showering... I may be nuts but it's just so much easier than describing).  Of course I still dream of him saying "nothing's wrong. have at it!"  Although at the same time, if he says that I'm going for a 2nd opinion because this has been one heck of a lot of pain over a rather long period of time.

On a much more fun and interesting front, the girls are cracking me up as of late.  They are learning different songs and things about the upcoming holidays.  They're excited about Thanksgiving, but then I found out why.  They thought it was sort of like Halloween, but we'd all dress up like Pilgrims and Native Americans and we'd get candy.  They're still excited now that they know how it really works, but not nearly as much.  I think they're just looking forward to sweet potatoes and pie at this point. 

They're also learning about different holidays like Christmas (but in a secular way) and Hannukah.  We figured that out when Ladybug started belting out "Santa Claus is Coming to Town" in the car this weekend which was directly followed by the Dreidel Song.  She knows ALL the words to both songs and gets really into dancing to the Dreidel Song.  Angelfish is into spelling her name and making up her own songs.  Last night she made up a song that said "I love Mommy.  I love Daddy.  I love Annie (our dog).  I love Ladybug. I love me. I love when Mommy cooks dinner and feeds me."  She then told me it was the Valentines' Day soon and that I should learn the song because Valentine's Day would be here soon!

They've both gotten really into dressing themselves and picking out their own clothes and even accessorizing.  Some of the outfits are hysterical, but we let them wear them anyway.  They wore cute dresses to church on Sunday paired with a beaded necklace and their princess dress up shoes (that are plastic, high heels and about 4 sizes to big).  This morning, Ladybug chose brown and pink plaid shorts, a black long sleeve t-shirt that has a pink cat and some flowers that were pink and brown (I think it's the only black thing they own), a purple beaded necklace, a purple beaded bracelet, and a maroon and cream headband.  She actually looks pretty adorable in it.  Angelfish opted for striped pants (pink, orange, green, and purple stripes - cuter than they sound) and a pink short-sleeve t-shirt with a cat and hearts that are pink, orange and green, and a pink beaded necklace.  I think they may accessorize better than I do! My favorite outfit so far though was the day Ladybug chose turquoise and purple plaid shorts, a hot pink shirt that had little hearts in all different colors on it, and orange and pink flip flops.  She needed I sign that said "I dressed myself today!" to wear on her back...

Mr. Darcy and I are trying to be more social.  I'm still getting involved with Junior League and it has been taking a more positive turn lately.  I've been actually getting a chance to talk to some of the other women, so it's been nice to get to know some people at least at meetings.  One of these days I might actually make some new friends too!  It's hard to make friends with people as an adult... you all have such busy lives that you seem to be able to make friendly acquaintences that at some point may become friends.  And I'm a friendly sort of gal... but it's a start and it's been nice.  Mr. Darcy has tennis 2 nights a week and his fraternity alumni association.  We're also having a colleague of Mr. Darcy's over for dinner with his wife this weekend.  They're a older than we are (their daughter is our age), but we really like them. I'm also trying to work on doing a Holiday Party type thing with the Ladies' Dinner Club I started.  We don't get the best of turnouts to Ladies' Dinner Club, but maybe a party will do the trick.  If not, I at least know I tried.  We're also hoping to get  involved in the church we've started attending.  We finally found a place we like, even if it is 1/2 an hour from the house.

So that is it for this lovely, albeit cloudy, Tuesday morning.  I'll "see" all of my non-existent readers tomorrow!


  1. I read your blog and enjoy it!! Maybe you should get a new counter! :) Have a great day.

  2. Hey!!! So do I. Quality over quantity :)

  3. - well the bad side of the counter when its decides to work for you is that you will have 35 people visit your blog and 3 leave a comment, maybe its best you dont know.

    - good luck at the appt

    - your kids rock