Tuesday, April 28, 2009

Monday when It's Really Tuesday...

That's today. It seems like a Monday, but it's really Tuesday. Tuesday feels like Monday because I had Monday off and because it seems like I have so many things to do before the weekend.

We had a wonderful time this weekend in St. Pete for Lauren's wedding. It was the 1st trip we've taken without Angelfish & Ladybug since they were born, and while we missed them terribly, it was also very nice to have an uninterrupted conversation, not have people climbing all over you, and not having to chase people down and keep them from doing things they shouldn't do.

Saturday morning we packed and got ready for our trip and then headed out. But, due to Friday's swim I had to stop by Tri & Run to get a new pair of goggles and some body glide for the big race this coming Sunday. So we did that and had a leisurely lunch at a French restaurant before driving over to St. Pete. We checked in, napped, and arranged to have dinner with our friends Christine & Jon who were in town for the wedding also. We ended up eating at The Columbia at the St. Pete Pier, which just so happened to be the location for the swim leg of the St. Anthony's triathlon that Sunday.

I have the tri bug pretty badly. I couldn't help but watch the buoys bouncing around in the waves and think that I really hoped it calmed down for tomorrow's racers and feel that excitement that meant I wanted to race. (BTW, it never did calm down and in the 1st time in the tri's 26 year history, it cancelled the swim leg for everyone except for the professional triathletes.) Not to mention my checking out every bike racked on every car we passed to see what it looked like... and keeping my eye open for possible triathletes.

Dinner was a blast though, until the topic of mother's day arose. Mr. Darcy asked "when is Mother's Day?" while paying the bill. I laughed and said I wondered if that question was going to come up at some point soon, and told him that it was the weekend after next. Then I asked why... and he showed us the bill where it said "Make your Mother's Day reservations with us!" and said it was a good thing he paid the bill. But it was the next comment out of his mouth that upset me. The next words out of his mouth were "I don't have to buy you a present though because you're not MY mother." Being rather self controlled (it must have been the relaxing day), I merely responded that technically he did not have to buy me a present because I was not his mother, but that I was the mother of his children and that they can't drive and don't have a job so he'd have to buy a present from them. I couldn't help but think to myself, "Uh, no, I'm not your mother, but I only went through a lot to have your children and have done anything and everything that I can to nurture and raise them as well as I am able since they were conceived. But, no that's not worthy of honoring me as the mother of your children."

We talked about it calmly the next day, but as you can tell this topic still bothers me. He says that he understands my point of view and that he's sorry he hurt my feelings, but I'm not sure he gets why. Perhaps his father never bought his mother a card and present for Mother's Day? I cannot be certain, but I'm pretty sure that he does. Bill claims he can't remember it. So, as Mr. Darcy gets his way with most things (despite claiming that he does not - although I get my way a decent amount too), I told him that the manicure and pedicure I got that day with Lauren and Heather and Lauren's Auntie could be his present to me for Mother's Day so he only needs to get presents from the girls. I probably shot myself in the foot with that since that will probably only reinforce his notion that he doesn't have to do anything for me (other than from the girls) for Mother's Day since I am not his mother. I will get over it eventually, as with all things, but it's really bugging me at the moment.

But the time together and the wedding was wonderful. Lauren didn't have a bridal party, so Heather and I pitched in to help where we could - keeping the bride as happy as we could, and helping her step-daughter get ready when the hair and makeup was running late, and helping Lauren get ready herself. It was fun! The reception was great too... good food, good drinks, good company, and good music. Yesterday morning, we had a fun breakfast with Heather & Jeremy, Christine & Jon, and Lauren & Steve before setting out... and before Lauren & Steve decided to cancel their honeymoon to Mexico and go to San Juan instead. Wishes for a flu free honeymoon abound!

By the time we got home, we were completely exhausted. I had fun with the little ladies while Mr. Darcy and his Dad returned the tv Mr. Darcy decided he didn't want after the fiasco with Direct TV and while Mr. Darcy's Mom took a nap. Then I took a 10 minute nap after Mr. Darcy's Mom woke up, got ready for my swim practice and headed out. Swim practice was fun, although I was pretty slow in the pool yesterday... guess staying up to midnight and drinking a little too much at the wedding the night before isn't the best for encouraging fast swim times. But I have to say I love the wave pool we made to simulate race start was fun... including the swimming through it!

I made it home in time for bed time with the girls, which was my big goal for the evening. Not long after they were in bed, so was I... trying to read The Triathlete's Training Bible, but falling asleep. After reading the same paragraph 5 times in between nodding off, I gave up and just went to sleep. This morning around 5 am came the thought that I am going to be racing in my TNT tri - my 1st Olympic distance tri - on Sunday! Then all the things I need to get done before then (including finding a place to board Doggie since I forgot all about what to do with the dog this weekend).... it's going to be busy!

Our coming weekend will be busy too. Saturday we leave at 6 am to meet up with the team caravan at 6:30 am. (I'm thinking I'm just going to put the girls in pullups - if I can get them to agree - and then put them in the car while they're sleeping in their pjs in the morning.) Then we drive to Miami and straight to packet pickup because it closes at 2 pm, then to the hotel to check in, then at 2:30 I have a light training session with the team. Then there's getting ready for the pasta dinner, meeting the teaam at 5:15 in the lobby, the dinner, then a team meeting in Coach Beth's room afterwards. Then getting the girls down to bed and going to sleep myself. Sunday I have to be up at 3:30 am so I can be in the lobby with the Team at 4 am and hopefully carpool with someone to the race. We have to then set up our transition area, get body marked, warm up, and be ready to race by 6:30... my wave is at 6:40 am. After the race, I have to turn in my time chip, check in at the TNT training tent, root for any team members finishing after me, then get packed up and ready for the celebration lunch. Mr. Darcy wants to leave after the celebration lunch instead of staying the rest of Sunday and Sunday night... something about not wanting to take another day off from work, and since he's my ride, that's what the plan is. He will drive and I will sleep. I can't imagine I'll be able to keep my eyes open too much into the drive. It will be a busy weekend for him too since he'll be in charge of the dynamic duo. He'll be tired too, I'm sure. Running after the ladybugs on your own isn't an easy task. Of course, I'll help to the extent I can, but with all we have on the schedule that might not be too much. They should be a hoot at the pasta party, though. : )

I've set my goals for the race too. They said that we should have ABCD goals, so that if things don't go according to plan, we at least accomplish one of our goals for the race. So here are mine: D) finish; C) finish in an upright position; B) finish in an upright position with a smile on my face; and A) finish in an upright position, with a smile on my face with a time of 3 1/2 hours or less. I know - very lofty, but for my 1st Olympic triathlon and literally the most physically intensive thing I've done in my life (other than perhaps a full term of carrying twins who were basically full size babies when born), I think I need to start small and gradually think bigger. I'm already thinking 70.3, so that's a start in that department.

I made my race week muffins this morning (for that slow carb build) and have a run practice this evening after work. Hopefully all will work nicely because I have to get the girls, hand them off to Mr. Darcy, run my 3 miles with the team, meet back up with Mr. Darcy to get the girls before he has to go to an evening meeting and then possibly back to work since he has a deadline this Friday. But, at least we got to relax this past weekend! (Thanks, Mom & Dad Darcy!) : )

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