Tuesday, April 7, 2009

Katie the Mommy and the Blustery Day

You try to get 2 children (one of whom is fully engrossed into the terrible twos) into jeans, long sleeve shirts, and jackets after weeks of hot muggy weather and see how well you do. With a promised high of 65 and gusting winds of around 30 mph, shorts or dresses are simply not an option. Angelfish, as usual, was a happy little morning sprite this morning - happy to sit on the potty and make us laugh, asking us if we were happy when she went pee in the potty. Angelfish got dressed with ease and happily chatted with whichever of us was not dealing with her cantankerous sister. She is just one of those rare children who almost always seems to be filled with a light of happiness and joy - and thank the Lord because I cannot imagine 2 little ladies going through the terrible 2's at the same time!

Now, I can't get too upset with Ladybug. She is who she is. Ladybug will be a good leader some day. She knows what she wants (this morning it was a bowl of cereal and to stay in her pajamas) and she knows how to go about getting it (pushing a chair over to the kitchen cabinets to get said bowl and then to the pantry to get said cereal... and tantrums for the pajamas). The problem at the moment though is that she does not wish to recognize the authority of others (aka Mommy & Daddy, and sometimes her teachers at school who instead of tantrums she chooses to ignore at times). Tell her no and she either ignores you (aka the cereal) or she has a fit. Being stern is not generally who I am, but while being a Mommy these days it is who I have become.

I do not care for it. I would much rather be the fun loving imp that makes my children smile and gives them all their little hearts desire... but then they would be rotten and there is nothing worse than rotten, obnoxious children. So will have to wait until I am a grandparent to be that fun loving imp I guess. Spoil and return.

I felt a bit like a drill sergeant, but more sweet and loving, today. I had to put Ladybug in time out, chat with her, cajole her, and inform her in no uncertain terms (and a very firm tone of voice) that I was her Mommy and that I was in charge and that she had to listen to me. Unlike a drill sergeant though when I was going to leave for the gym for my 7 mile run this morning and she begged and pleaded for me to stay, I relented. I hugged her for a bit and then resumed the role of parent getting her child ready for school. I personally feel like someone should tell you that this tough love idea is painful for both parent and child alike. Not taking no for an answer and ignoring your child's desire to stay in her pajamas so she can stay home with her Mommy on a work/school day and making her get dressed despite crying, throwing her clothes across the room, and ranting. It breaks my heart in all truthfulness. If it wasn't for the fact that she would turn out to be a tyrant and sycophant without it, I think I would give in to her at every moment. I always wanted to be the fun parent, but I am forced to be the disciplinarian. Ugh.

So the run didn't happen this morning, but my bag is packed for the gym and I have plans to go this evening. Why not hit the neighborhood? It's a blustery day. Despite the fact that my husband saw a man running in the neighborhood this morning, the wind is blowing constantly and not at a light breeze type of pace. The trees are rustling rather loudly and swaying like someone has gotten a hold of them and is attempting to shake all of the change out of their pockets while they dangle upside down. 30 mph is not something I want to endure while running 7 miles.... even if hate running on the treadmill. I would much rather keep myself from injury only 3 1/2 weeks out from the race than run in the chilly blustery weather and take my chances. Besides when you take about an hour to run that distance, you can't just start running 1 hour before you have to start work! While delayed, I am still determined to have my run.

Looks like I'm a disciplinarian for myself today too. I guess that some days (or maybe most if not all days), that's part of what being a Mommy is about - keeping your children, your family, and yourself on task. Even when you long for those impromptu, fly by the seat of your pants days that you once loved and lived by. Order, smorder. Highly over-rated... unless you're a Mommy.

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