Friday, April 10, 2009

My 100th Post - Herding Cats

This is post #100! Time has flown and you, my dear readers, have endured the ups and downs of it all. Hopefully this post will entertain and delight...

Being a mommy and wife is sometimes like herding cats. Take yesterday evening for instance. Mr. Darcy had a volleyball game and wanted us to come and watch. He sent out an email with alleged directions to the game... granted, it's my fault I waited until the last minute to look at the attachment but there was nothing helpful for someone who doesn't know where everything in downtown Orlando is already located. So, time was spent on the internet figuring out how to get there. Then off to get the kiddies. They were happy to see me and pretty much listening well, so things were off to a good start. I asked if they needed to go potty and the answer was No and No. So we piled in the car, and I buckled Amanda in and moved on to Ladybug. As I'm buckling Ladybug's seat belt I notice her pants feel a little damp.

I ask Ladybug, Did you go pee pee in your pants?
Ladybug: Just a little, Mommy. Only a few drops.
Me: Do you need to go more?
Ladybug: No.
Me: Ok, we need to get you out of those underpants and pants. Luckily, Mommy brought extras.
Ladybug gets out of her car seat and walks to the back of the mini-van so I can change her. Just as I get her underpants and pants down ...

Angelfish announces in an urgent voice: Mommy, I have to go potty!
Me: You really need to go potty?
Angelfish: Yes, Mommy. Need to go now!
Me: Ok. Hold it, Angelfish! Ladybug, lets get these pants up and we'll go into the potty. Quick!

So I unbuckle Angelfish as fast as I can, pick her up, have Ladybug jump out of the minivan and shut the back door, grab her hand and we run back into daycare straight to the bathroom. Angelgish has made it in time, save one drop of pee. She goes. She is happy and asks "Are you happy, Mommy?" I give her lots of praise and tell her, "Yes, I am happy." Then I get Ladybug's pants and underpants off and ask her to sit on the potty.

Ladybug: I don't have to go.
Me: Well, let's just give it a try because I'm not sure when our next chance to pee will be & we don't want to go pee in our pants again.
Ladybug: Ok.

She sits and about 30 seconds later, she pees. Not just a little bit either... like someone turned on a waterfall full blast. I say nothing but think to myself "Naw, you didn't have to pee at all, did you kid?" I give her praise and she is happy. We get clean underpants, pants, and shoes on all toddlers (Angelfish insisted she needed a new pair because hers had one drop of wet in them.); wash hands and start the minivan routine all over again. Except this time they want to go on a "nature adventure" and are inspecting every blade of grass, plant, and tree on the way to and next to the car. Finally, I get them into the car after explaining that we are running late and may miss Daddy's volleyball game. They cooperate. I attempt to buckle them in when Mr. Darcy calls me. I tell him I'm on my way and am having a difficult time so I will call him back. Everyone is buckled, I "loosen" everyone's too tight seat belt (which is a charade but it works), and then Ladybug starts fussing about not wanting to sit in her seat. I tell her enough and get in the car. We're off. I call Mr. Darcy and no answer. The game has obviously begun because well, it was supposed to start at 6 and it's 6 pm right now. That's right - 45 minutes at the daycare. 15 minutes at home getting intelligible directions.

Half an hour later we arrive at the park where there is no parking to be found anywhere... I drive in circles, down side streets and find nothing. Mr. Darcy suggests a parallel parking spot (via cell phone) he sees. I get there and the spot isn't even as big as the mini-van. 20 minutes later a spot about 1/4 mile away is found and Mr. Darcy is in the car because he had decided to help us park should parallel parking be involved. We walk to the park, diaper bag, snacks, and children in tow. Mr. Darcy plays one set while I chase the girls off the court, keep them from running into the lake that is only a few feet away, and run with them over to a playground that is within sight of the volleyball court (oh yes, and we're all barefoot at this point because it's a sand volleyball court and the girls decided it was the "beach"... plus I was wearing high heel sandals - not sure what I was thinking on that one). Next thing I know Mr. Darcy is standing next to us. 15 minutes at max after we arrived at the volleyball court. "What's up?" I ask. "Game's over. They're just playing for fun now." After an aborted attempt to eat dinner at a restaurant next to the park (Angelfish is fussy and tired... not surprised she was up at 5 am playing yesterday.), we go home. Mr. Darcy in his car, the girls and I in mine. Ladybug having a fit screaming "Stop the car! I ride with Daddy. My Daddy!" over and over. She finally stops screaming by the time we hit the highway, but continues with the crying and every so often yelling at me "Please stop the car!" (Yes, she used please. Not sure if she thought that would work because she was yelling "nicely"...)

Angelfish and I listen to the radio and sing songs, and ignore the screaming banshee. Finally, we get into the neighborhood (that's 1/2 an hour later, btw) and Ladybug stops with the yelling, crying, and we talk. I explain that sometimes she needs to ride with me, and that next time if she wants to ride with Daddy she needs to ask him before she gets into Mommy's car and has her seat belt on. I tell her, all you have to do is say "Daddy, could I ride in your car?" I say it in a very nice voice, and she repeats it word for word and inflection for inflection. I tell her that is very nice and that to try to remember for the next time.

And it's still lent, and I gave up alcohol for lent.

This morning, I had a wonderful swim. I did a 200 swim, 200 pull, 200 kick (with only time long enough to switch out the buoy and kick board), and then swam 1,000 m straight, and then did a 200 cool down. I loved it! And I felt very fast in the water too. I think I must be improving because I've felt and been decidedly faster this week in all of my training sessions. Go Kate Go! It is fun being faster and feeling faster. I was also thrilled after my workout too because... well my jeans fit. It sounds funny, I know, but these are jeans straight out of the wash and the dryer. Not been worn since they were washed and dried. Usually, they need a day to stretch out again and are tight in the waist and thighs until they stretch out. Not today. Buttoned with ease and no tightness in the thighs. Faster and thinner? What a morning!

Then I call Mr. Darcy to see how the tantrum that Ladybug was starting when I left turned out. Ladybug refused to wear either of the dresses she was offered (she wanted a dress, so we offered 2 to her), and Mr. Darcy after warning her she had 3 minutes to decide, counting it down, then decided for her. She continued with the fit and he let her wander around crying while ignoring her and putting breakfast together for the girls to eat at daycare. He put the breakfast and Angelfish in the car. He comes back and Ladybug is completely naked. Mr. Darcy tells her to put on her underpants and dress. She refuses. So he puts her in the car naked. She relents. He gets her underpants on and she refuses the dresses. He puts in the car in her underpants and brings the dress with him... and stops a few blocks away and puts the dress on her. Meanwhile, she is screaming "I don't want that dress" the entire time. She finally stops with the crying and the screaming as they pull up to day care. Mr. Darcy has successfully ignored her the entire time. (Go Mr. Darcy Go!) She has another crying jag when he goes to leave, so he asks me to check on her at daycare.

I call daycare and speak with her teacher, and I tell her that Ladybug is in a dress she didn't want to wear etc. She said we did great and that Ladybug is actually doing just fine. In fact, when Ladybug went to the classroom from the cafeteria, Ladybug went up to each of the boys in the class and asked them "Do you like my dress? It has pink and white in it." All except one said "yes." To the one that said no, she said "But why? It's pretty." And the little boy replied, "ok, ok, I like it." (Typical boy... shows how early it starts!) So, yes, we see that Ladybug is all about wanting to be in control... and likes to flirt with the boys. Wonder where she gets that!

So, let's keep our fingers crossed for a peaceful Easter weekend. And if it's not, at least lent will be over and we have wine in the house!

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