Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Drama Wednesday..

Really, it's been drama week. And all because of Direct TV and Mr. Darcy's attempt to get HD service. The problem I think is that we are existing Direct TV customers. It's the only thing I can think of... other than the fact that someone somewhere is completely incompetent. That may have something to do with this as well. I'm not the type to bandy about with the word incompetent, but it seems to describe our situation. Who the incompetent party is, is the question.

Mr. Darcy decided he wanted the HD service to go with our tv that supports HD programming. He went to Costco and bought the Direct TV HD DVR. Then a simple call to Direct TV to set up the installation of the upgraded satellite, the installation of the upgraded HD DVR, and moving the existing DVR into the other room where our tv that does not support HD lives. He's told installation is free and that it will be only $10 more per month. He's gung ho and sets up installation for that Thursday. The installation contractor comes out with a work order and an HD DVR. No satellite. I send him away, Mr. Darcy calls Direct TV, they supposedly fix the work order situation and reschedule for Saturday between 8 am and noon. No one shows up but we had a call from the contractor asking that we call him if we have any problems with the technician. I call and am told that they can get the technician out by 3 pm. I say ok. No one ever shows. Mr. Darcy calls Direct TV again and they say they don't know what happened and reschedule for Monday between 8 am and noon. No one shows, but I call and am told that the appointment was supposed to be between noon and 4 pm, which we know is complete BULL POOP. But we say ok, but he better show up. At 2:30 pm, a technician arrives WITHOUT the satellite dish and an HD DVR (which we already have one of). He makes a call to Direct TV and doesn't really get anywhere and leaves. After a telephone call with Direct TV that lasts 1 hour and 5 minutes, the old orders were cancelled and a new order was created to prevent confusion. I get an email from Direct TV that says exactly what we want to happen will happen - satellite, HD DVR installation, etc. - on Wednesday between 8 am and noon. That's today. The technicians arrive and guess what? NO SATELLITE.

These technicians were pretty nice guys. They called Direct TV explained the problem and put me on the line. I explained the problem and the Direct TV person tells me that the work order in their computer shows that what I want to happen is supposed to happen, and is exasperated that they do not have a satellite. I tell her that at this point, if they can't get this fixed today that I'm cancelling the account. She talks to her supervisor. She talks to the technicians. The technicians call their supervisor and I am told that no matter what, they can't get a satellite and install it today because they don't have the right information on their workorder - which they show me and let me have a copy of. It shows a satellite dish but also says deleted next to it which is why they don't have the satellite because the work order has to show it as active for them to be able to get one from the wear house. They then try to get the information to match their work order with what Direct TV has emailed me is the work order. Then they call Direct TV who tells them to call their home office. They call their home office and try to get them to fix it and eventually are told that they need to call Direct TV. They call Direct TV again and after going round and round are told that they cannot change the work order because according to Direct TV's records the work order is correct. They ask me to call Direct TV and work this out because they are now late to their next installation and they are out of ideas as to who to call and what to do. I call Bill several times during this exchange, and one time Mr. Darcy agrees to allow them to come out one more time if they can get the work order corrected and the same exact technicians are the ones who come out. These guys really did try, I will say that. I give into him on this at the time, but after the technicians leave I called Mr. Darcy and told him that we need to cancel the account and that I'm going to call. He says no, he's going to call and talk to Direct TV.

Meanwhile, I can't take lunch AGAIN today (despite the fact that grocery shopping has to be done and I need to get my swim in) because I spent so much time messing with Direct TV.

So, it looks like an evening swim will be required... and hopefully I can find enough food for today because I have no clue when grocery shopping will be done... maybe after my swim if the grocery is still open.

The real question is do we really need a TV? And if we do, I vote for another service provider. I bet if we're a new customer they'd treat us better - at least at first.

Oh - on a positive note, as of last night, my Team in Training triathlon team has raised just under $58,000. Go TEAM! It may be a drop in the bucket for the cost of cancer research and patient services, but at least it's a drop that didn't exist before.. and that drop can still help someone find a cure! And there's still time to donate... visit my fundraising website (see the Upcoming Events on my blog for the website)!

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