Wednesday, April 1, 2009

0 comments and Rain

There are days that I am doubtful that anyone reads this blog. Day after day I have "0 comments" yet again. But I know of some of you (Hi, Dad M & Larry!) read it because, well, you've told me you do. Sweet Mr. Darcy reads it when I suggest he does. I guess he figures those are the days that I have something to say that he needs to "hear" but don't want to regurgitate it again. And yet, here I am, day after day baring my soul into the internet ether. Some days probably frightening readers away with my overly honest and rather dramatic postings. Other days who knows what my ramblings do.

A friend has an immensely popular blog. I read it and love it. She has gorgeous pictures and talks about things people like reading about. Somehow I haven't the same knack for it as she does. But then I'm a lawyer. By trade, entertainment value has been sucked out of my writing style. So I am here writing. I've never been into diaries and such, yet this blog seems to serve that same purpose - without the lock and key that so many other diaries have - as though I just need to tell someone about "it" - you know, the nebulous it that makes up my life on this planet.

Today, life on the planet started with Ladybug having a tantrum, Angelfish being an angel and Mommy heading to the pool as Mr. Darcy told me to go so he could try to get the girls in the car. And then the pool... 1 mile of unadulterated swimming. The pro team, as I call them, was at the pool today. The Pro Team consists of 3 people completely unknown and unrelated to one another. A guy who always swims in red swim shorts and jumps in to swim a really fast 400 followed by another really fast 400 and then he gets out. A woman who is long, tall, and has a swimmer's physique, strong yet lanky all at once. And then a guy I see now and then who starts out really slow and by the end of his millions of laps in the pool seems to be sprinting faster than I can drive a car. I secretly try to "beat" the girl, even though she has a good 4" to 5" of height (and therefore stroke length) on me and has no clue that I'm racing her. When she alternates her freestyle with backstroke or breast stroke, I can beat her. Otherwise, I have to keep trying.

Work has been super busy - one thing after another - which is good in this economy. Being in demand is better than sitting around worrying whether I may be next on the layoff chopping block, if that raises its ugly head again in our department. Despite assurances that my boss has no knowledge of anymore layoffs coming down the pike, it's not as if she could truly tell me if she did anyway. So trudging onward and hopefully upward as each day progresses.

Training has been fun, yet time consuming. Yesterday I took my bike to get fit at Adventure Cycles (another bike shop I really like) and according to their laser sensors and computer's calculations it fits me for the aggressive riding style I aspire to (which is a good thing of course). They made a few adjustments to get it to fit even better, and was told I need a different stem size because it was too short for me. Called the shop where I bought the bike today and since I'm biking with the owner and our Team in Training group tomorrow in the wee hours of the morning (which reminds me I need to put my lights on my bike), I think they're going to fix it after my ride. I might need to leave the bike with them to get home in time to start working though, especially since I plan to take off from work a little early tomorrow to maybe do a little clothes shopping before my girls' weekend trip. Of course, if we're as busy at work as we were today I'm not sure I'll be able to take off early. Emergency situations just popping up like those purple moles in that wackamole game.

I hope it doesn't rain in the morning. We just had a monsoon of a rain a few minutes ago that lasted all of 20 minutes and reminded me of those late afternoon summer showers that you could set your watch to... 3 pm every day on the dot.

Speaking of watches, it's about time to go get the little ladies from school. There may be a soujourn in my writing (but not in my training) as I will be going on a girls' weekend to Savannah with some lovely friends from Atlanta. Until then!

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  1. I wanted to make sure you knew someone had read your entry. In fact, I have read most of the last entries and I am amazed at your drive and your desire in life, and to live.
    I hope you continue to find the joy in your girls, your husband and your training you have found already. I am very proud you ran 6.5 miles!
    Have a good time in Savannah!