Thursday, April 2, 2009

A Crazy Day...

Ever wake up with your hair on fire and your day seems to match? That is my day today. I woke up because I was dreaming about having to get up and discovered Sweet Mr. Darcy either turned off the alarm clock or never set it (it's on his side of the bed). So I bounded out of bed, dressed in my cycling gear, grabbed breakfast (thank goodness I had the bike etc in the car already), and sped out to the airport area where we had a lovely 20 mile cycle while working on our skills with 1 professional and 1 very good amateur cyclist giving us tips, etc.

Then little fires everywhere at work having to be extinguished so I could attempt to go on PTO a little early today. Ugh. And now, 20 minutes later than I was supposed to I am on PTO and headed to do a little shopping before getting the girls. Girls' Weekend here I come!

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