Friday, April 17, 2009

I have returned from the land of Ohio...

... to realize that God is in the details of daily life.

I am back. Ohio looks like the other places in the midwest that I've been too (which I guess would really only be Chicago), but on a smaller scale. The people were friendly which is always a plus. Another state off the list of places to go... although I am certain there is much more to Ohio than I had a chance to see in the day I was there. Airports really are not a measure of a state, nor are taxi drivers who when asked "is there a drug store nearby" offers ganja for purchase. Not exactly what we were looking for as the person who asked the question wanted nail polish and I wanted a pair of pantyhose. But it gave me a good story.

So the past few days have been quite crazy. First, Tuesday afternoon I got a call from daycare that Miss Ladybug had a low grade fever that was not quite 101. So I zoomed over as soon as I could, picked her and Angelfish up, drove down to the bike shop, picked up my trainer and camelbak (it's red. I rather like it.), and headed home. (Oh, and thank goodness for Coach who helped entertain my children while I was paying, etc. at the bike shop... where we also used the restroom - the girls are now in the stage where they want to pee in every potty they encounter, or so it seems.) At first Ladybug seemed ok, but then there was laying about and a hot forehead. Temperature 101.3. Called Mr. Darcy and he said he wasn't sure what we should do.

Ahem. Here is the difference between fathers and mothers. Mommies can make decisions in a split second without having to think it over and weigh things. So, I called his mother and asked if it might be possible for her to come down and watch Megan since I had to go on a business trip the next morning and Mr. Darcy had a deadline at work on Friday. However, I told her I wasn't 100% sure that we needed her because Mr. Darcy had to get back to me. Temperature persists. I call Mr. Darcy again. He's at a Mason meeting. He calls me back. I tell him the deal. He still isn't sure. So, being the good Mommy that I am, I call his Mom and say we need her. She, being the wonderful person she is, accepts and says she will head down bright and early in the morning. Go MIL!

Turns out that my Mommy gene for decision making comes in handy because 1) I have to go on my business trip. There's no opting out. 2) Mr. Darcy has a 9 am meeting with a new client that he can't cancel or be late to. 3) Ladybug's fever went away with Motrin but was back when it wore off. Mommy's just know when to make a decision. Daddy's will get to the same conclusion, but just about 1 hour after the Mommy has already acted. : ) Mr. Darcy also neglects to tell me about his 9 am meeting until the next morning so that I can have anxiety about what if something happens and MIL can't get there until after I have to leave for the airport. But all works out. No broken down vehicles or accidents.

And then I get too engrossed in my legislative tracking, lose track of the time, forget my laptop, double back for it and get to the airport 1 hour before my flight, only to discover a check in line the length of the airport followed by the longest line I have ever seen at the Orlando Intl Airport. Somehow it all works out (I give credit to God who I begged and pleaded with in my rather fast car ride to the airport to please help me and get me on my flight to avoid the chances of losing my job) - I'm pulled out of line as a "last call to Cleveland" and then discover that there's a TSA agent who is just standing the the midst of the throng of people waiting for someone to come into his line. I jump in that line and after looking at the time, the length of the security lines beyond the driver's license check point, and after saying out loud "Oh dear Lord, how am I going to make my flight"? Another line opened up and the TSA agent told me the one on the left is faster... then there was a lot of running in heels, jeans and a sweater involved (and thus a lot of sweating too). And the miracle of arriving at the gate while they are boarding 1st class. Too many things to chaulk up to luck, if you ask me.

So, I arrive in Cleveland to await my flight to Columbus (yes, I realize this is silly but talk to the airlines about it). All goes well. The plane is the smallest I have flown in, other than for skydiving. It has propellers and only 10 rows. But it super smooth and only 40 minutes long. I get a cab and head out to the hotel. The hotel turns out to be nice, which is good because I was getting a little worried when I saw all the bail bonds places along the route to the hotel. Generally, not a good sign. But it was fine. And I ended up running into one of the event planners in the lobby so I got to have dinner at somewhere other than the hotel with 2 people who I really have a good time with whenever I see them.

Unfortunately, the swim had to be abandoned. It didn't happen in the morning due to sick child duty and there was no pool at the hotel but across town and it was too late after dinner to go traipsing across town in a taxi to try to find a pool. So, I called and talked with my hubby & the munchkins, practiced for my seminar and watched American Idol.

The next morning was much calmer... seminar went well. Airport issues were fine. I made it home in time to have ice cream to celebrate the girls' Art Show at daycare (that I missed because of the flights) and help put them to bed. Then Mr. Darcy helped me put together my trainer and set up the bike. By 10:05 I was pedaling away... the computer is still not working though so I need to get the bike shop to fix it. At 11:20 I stopped. Completely exhausted I headed for the shower and then to bed.

Somehow this morning I woke up, got ready, helped get the munchkins out the door for daycare (Ladybug screaming she wanted to stay home with Grammie - she gets a little spoiled by her Grammie, I think, but that's what Grammie's are for!), and got to the pool to swim 1800m.

I have to say I am tired, but realize that I am blessed in all the craziness. And this is what hit me. I read a friend's blog who said sometimes she doesn't know what to say because she thinks her life has not a lot to report. My comment to her was that I look forward to her posts and that God is in the details of daily life, you know. It hit me right then and there as I typed it. It is so true. All these little things that add up to make the big portions of our lives are where grace resides.

So, I plan to look for more of those instances of grace whilst running around like a chicken with my head cut off so that I realize all of this shows me I am where I should be, doing what I should be doing, and that I will endure it all hopefully with the grace that hides in all the details.

Happy Friday!

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