Monday, April 6, 2009

Reality Returns...

It's the true evil of every good thing... it comes to an end. (Oh, but before I forget - thank you Neil for your nice note and for reading my blog!! You gave me a nice smile.)

I am back from a wonderful weekend in Savannah. A much needed soujourn from the daily grind. I met 2 of my wonderful girls from Atlanta Friday afternoon and just talked, wandered, and relaxed. Good food, good drinks, good friends, and wonderful weather. (I got in a 26 mile bike ride, but no running because all of the treadmills at the hotel gym were taken by the time I finished my cycling. I walked all over Savannah, though...) No taking care of anyone or anything, no cleaning, laundry, or being stuck in the house. It was wonderful. The part that was not so wonderful was the lack of air conditioning in Mr. Darcy's car - he had the mini van for his use with the girls and his visit to his parents this past weekend. Talk about hot! And then returning home to an empty house that seemed somehow to have exploded laundry and toys and an empty refrigerator. Both unfortunately and fortunately, I had a massive allergy attack with running eyes, stuffed head and closed over nose so I did absolutely nothing about the laundry, toys, and empty refrigerator. Instead I filled my allergy prescription at the pharmacy, took my medicine, drank some water and watched a chick flick until my husband and children returned.

It was lovely to see the girls and Mr. Darcy again. Angelfish just wanted to snuggle and snuggle with her Mommy and was so proud to tell me that she had gone pee pee and poopie on the potty all weekend without any accidents. Evidently she had been telling Mr. Darcy and her Grammie that Mommy was going to be so happy and so proud of her all weekend long. And I definitely am. I absolutely loved snuggling with my Angelfish last night. Ladybug on the other hand greeted me with the demand that I go back in the house, then she rode her bicycle and finally came inside to give me the cold shoulder until I agreed that she could cut up some paper with scissors. Then she snuggled with me while she created her artwork, albeit wiping off any kisses I gave her from her cheek. But she made up for it this morning by throwing a fit for Mr. Darcy because she wanted to keep her pajamas on so she could stay home with me. I eventually got her to daycare after a trying hour, but I have to admit to enjoying it at the same time.

And now it's back to reality - having to figure out a meal plan for the week so I can do grocery shopping and feed the family, sending out Easter cards, doing random errands for the house (or at least trying to fit them in the schedule), working, attempting to do laundry and straightening the house, back to training, being with the family, and trying to find a moment or two of peace without the hustle and bustle of my daily life. Perhaps I'll find that in the pool for our swim workout this evening...

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