Monday, February 1, 2010


I can tell there are some changes brewing and they're good ones.

First of these changes: Welcome New Readers (new followers just sounded odd to me)!  It was a nice surprise upon returning from Birmingham to see not the usual 31 (who I am always thrilled to see) but an additional 6 added to the list.  So Welcome!

The second change: I think I'm figuring out what I want.  A lot of it's complicated and stuff that for both your sake and mine will not appear on the blog, but it's good stuff.  And no, Mr. Darcy and the girls are not going anywhere.  I'm keeping them. : )  I'll let you in on these when I can.

The 3rd change: call me crazy, but I realized that I want to be the National Recruitment Director for the sorority.  Whether they want me as the National Recruitment Director remains to be seen.  But that will iron itself out one way or the other, and either decision will result in a change too.

The 4th "change": Team in Training starts today!  Oh yeah!  Our official 1st practice is this evening - swimming in the allegedly heated pool at Lake Highland Prep.  Of course it's raining and chilly, but what'ev.  It's never stopped me from getting in the pool before.  I'm looking forward to a good swim and meeting all the new peeps (and serving up the triathlon cool aid to those who have never done one before).  Not to mention the return to the intensity of working out in groups.  I rarely miss a group workout.

Also on the menu for change are probably my running shoes.  I trained in them for my 70.3 and have been doing my 1/2 marathon training in them too.  Luckily this Wednesday we'll be running and then going to a shoe clinic at my favorite running shop (which is a hike from my house), so I'll probably get new shoes then. 

I'm also contemplating Weight Watchers.  I'm eating healthy foods, not eating overly large portions, etc. but even with all this training I'm doing, nothing is really coming off.  Perhaps it would help.  I just can't decide if it would be worth $40+ per month and adding yet another meeting to my schedule.  Anyone out there done it? Does it make sense to do it for distance athletes?  I feel like all these weight loss systems are made for people that aren't active and eat poorly to begin with.  But then, what do I know?

I like this new way of thinking - paying attention to what I really want and not doing what I really don't want to do.  It's making me see what my priorities are, where I've mislaid some time and energy and is helping get on the right track.

Unfortunately, in all this my weekend 8 miler got dumped into the not doing it pile.  I actually really did want to run, but Mr. Darcy needed a helping hand to get the ladies to school on Friday and by the time I got them there and home there wasn't enough time to run before leaving for the airport.  Almost the second from touching down at the Atlanta airport, I was on sorority business and off and running until around midnight every night.  So by the time I got home on Sunday, I fell into bed and didn't wake up until around 3 pm when Mr. Darcy and the little ladies returned from the Darcy Seniors.  You know you're tired when you didn't realize that the dog wasn't even home.  So, it was probably a good thing that I didn't run that tired.

So bad me on the run, but I'm back in the game for training as of today! I'll let you know how the swim tonight goes... and it should be interesting to find out what my "more difficult schedule" for the St. Anthony's training with TNT will consist of.

I was hoping for a "slower" week in the life side of the coin, but looking at my calendar makes me think it may not work out that way.  Swim with TNT tonight, Mr. Darcy at a Magic game tomorrow night, lunc hwith a friend on Wednesday followed by a conference call, 6 pm TNT run practice and 7 pm shoe clininc, Thursday is free so far, Friday I  have to get bloodwork done for a re-check of the ol' endocrine system issues, Saturday morning is a TNT bike ride and a bike maintenance clinic, followed by a few hours of my teaching at an Area Wide Training (while Mr. Darcy and the girls are at a birthday party...) and then Sunday is another birthday party for the girls to attend.

Yesterday Angelfish told me that I was like a nest.  When I asked her why, she said that I was warm and cozy and she could snuggle in. I have to say I rather liked that.  Ladybug was pretty good this morning about getting ready for school, and even her outfit wasn't overly outrageous - for her - purple t-shirt with a witch silouette on it, a pink ruffled skirt, a floral headband, a turquoise colored bead necklace, bright blue socks, and black patent leather shoes.  The poor thing didn't want to go to school once we got there.  She said she didn't like the toys and didn't feel like talking to her friends.  She even gave me the pouty look.  It breaks my heart every time... and I think she knows it.

Now I'm off ... And I'll keep you posted on any other changes that come my way!


  1. Stop by and read fridays post, I have a feeling you missed it.

  2. I've had lots of friends try weight watchers, but none of them have had any success with it. If you're super serious about it check out Team Katouff. He's not cheap, but his clients leave me in their dust at almost every race.

  3. I think it's great that you are doing things YOU want to's the way things should be. I think a lot of times we put others above ourselves, which is fine, but sometimes we need to make ourselves a priority too.

    Good luck with all of your changes!

    Oh..and my best friend just started weight watchers before Thanksgiving and so far she has lost weight and really likes the program. She said she also likes the support and accountability of the weekly meetings. She has struggled with weight for a LONG time and I think she needed something like weight watchers to help her on her way b/c she just wasn't able to do it by herself.

  4. I know a few people on weight watchers and they are adamant that diet is key to losing weight while training. Weight watchers seems to work.