Thursday, February 18, 2010

The Thursday Test Drive

So I said that I would do a review of the book Forever Fit a few posts back.  I finished it this weekend and decided that perhaps I would just go ahead and do my first "product" review.  So here's to the first installment of The Thursday Test Drive! I'd love to say I'll do these every week, but my wallet is not deep enough and as of yet I don't have anyone throwing items for review at me.  But I can always dream... until then, we'll have The Thursday Test Drive when I try or read something new that may be of interest to my bloggy friends.
The Thursday Test Drive

What they say... (an exerpt from the back cover)
In this easy to follow life plan, Dr. Rick Kattouf uses his fitness expertise to help you achieve an improved sense of mental, physical and emotional wellbeing.

Time is at a premium for most people today.  Multitasking has become an accepted way of life.  Unfortunately, staying fit is moving further down the list of priorities - not because of lack of desire, but because there never seems to be any time available in your daily schedule.

Dr. Rick Kattouf, a Nutrition and Fitness Coach and ACSM Certified Personal Training, offers an effective method for self-improvement.  Enhance your body and mind with an easy to follow life plan that includes step by step information on:
  • Getting started
  • Nutrition programs and guidelines
  • Weight training and cardiovascular exercise
  • Putting it all together
  • People just like you: FAQs. success stories and testimonials . . .
 My Two Cents (or More)

The Good: it has good pictures of the weight training exercises and does give some good ideas for how to include weight training into your schedule as well as some good conceptual ideas about how to eat - mixing carbs, protein and fats. 

The Bad: It was basic.  Too basic.  It doesn't address calories in or out.  It doesn't address what specifically needs to be done other then cardio 2x a week and weight training 3x a week. (And that struck me as odd because the author is supposedly a "top ranked multi sport athlete in the country.")  I doesn't talk real portions, etc.  It doesn't really even talk about fueling needs during and/or after exercise. 

And the pictures.  Dear Lord, the pictures.  We all like to talk about ourselves.  It's human nature.  But the book ended up feeling like it was a narcissistic trip down the author's memory lane as well as self promotion for his personal training services.  Lots of pictures of him doing different things around the world.  I think the idea was to try to bring you a personal connection with the training and the vague plan, but personally I found it to be a turnoff.  Especially the chapter dedicated to products of his sponsors.

The TriMommyTruth: Forever Fit has decent basic information that perhaps for a non-multisport athlete or someone who is just getting into a healthier life style may get them moving and give them an idea of where to start.  But as a triathlete looking for a guide and ways to reach lower body fat levels and overall better health and improved abilitiy, I wouldn't buy it again and I'm glad I didn't have to pay for shipping and had a discount because I was a Barnes and Noble member.


  1. Hmmm...he calls himself DR and wears a white lab coat on the cover to give himself credibility. And he is an eye doctor. Yes, technically still a DR but not terribly relevant to the book he wrote...and last I checked optometrists didn't wear lab coats.

  2. You caught that too? : ) I left it out figuring the cover and all would talk for itself.