Thursday, February 25, 2010

A 2nd Thursday Post - Because I Just Couldn't Wait!

First, thank you for the comments on this morning's post!  I appreciate your comments!

Second, I have to say that my doctor's appointment at the new endocrinologist today was worthy of making a 2nd post of the day.  Dr. Julie Bauer is the bomb.  She may, in fact, be my new favorite doctor.  Which is pretty hard to beat since one of the best qualities of my other favorite doctor, also an endocrinologist, is that he helped make my children possible (and that is in a medical way - no minds in the gutters... you can tell mine resides there because the second I typed it I thought oohh bad, but there's no other way to say it).

She treated me like an adult, which is the 1st step really.  I told her why I was there, what happened with the other doctor and that I didn't want to just throw medicine at something but I wanted to figure out what is going on with my body.  I even brought her print outs of what I've been eating and she said "if you eat like this, you should NOT be gaining weight."  We talked about my tri and 1/2 marathon training and she said that you can be in good shape but not a great weight, but that since I'm gaining weight instead of losing it, it's something we need to look into.  She explained to me that my cortisol may be high just because I'm on birth control pills and then she explained all about proteins and how the pill works and everything.  (It was awesome.)  She also said that even though that's her intial theory, that because my Mom's was always high, and because my Mom and Grandmother have/had hashimoto's hypothyroidism that she doesn't want to just rest on her theory - enter salvia test and the 24 hour pee pee test that will be in my near future (11 pm tonight and Sunday).  She also said that my thyroid test was in what she calls the grey zone because while it's in the range, for many people this means that you have a thyroid problem and then for some people it means that you have nothing wrong with you.  The trick is that you have to figure out which one. She also said that while looking at me she doesn't necessarily see PCOS rearing it's ugly head, that it could easily be that my weight loss is simply my PCOS saying "hello... up my metformin levels please."  Enter blood work for all of the above.  Heck, even if it all comes back perfectly normal and the weight gain issue is still a mystery, I will feel all the better for taking all these tests because even she agrees that with my lifestyle that weight gain doesn't make sense and she is doing something to figure it out.  And that's all I want.  I just want to understand what is going on with my body!

I am feeling better about things at the moment.  And I'm definitely loving the new doctor.

Now if this headache and stuffy nose would just hit the road (my throat is feeling better at least), all would be right with the world again.

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  1. Yeah for small's the littlest things that make us the happiest! Hope the tests give you some answers.