Friday, February 26, 2010

The Sunshine Blog Award

I just saw on Tri Diesel's blog that he awarded me the Sunshine Blog Award!  I am not sure really what this award entails, but it's beautiful
 and I'm thrilled!

Some other blogs that bring sunshine to my day (other than Tri Diesel - I didn't want to regift) and thus get the Sunshine Award are:

Teta means Booby in Spanish
Courtney at Cook like a Champion
Crystal Jigsaw
Mabel's House
RockStar Tri
My Life as a TriMommy

And thanks for all the Sunshine!! (Gerbera Daisies and blue sky days are two of my favorite things!)


  1. Thanks, Trimommy!! I love your blog too! Maybe I'll have a square of dark chocolate to celebrate...wait I already at a square of dark chocolate today...Does eating double make me twice as healthy?? ;)

  2. To be honest, I dont know what exactly the award entails either. But I did put thought into the awarding process.

    I see the other trimommy is now following, I use to get the two of you mixed up alot on google reader. And when you won blogger of the week, she thought at first she won it. I felt kinda bad when I got her comment.