Thursday, January 28, 2010

My Wheels Are in Motion

I rather liked RockStarTri's comment yesterday.  I'm not saying No (which makes me feel guilty for some reason), I'm saying yes to what is really important to me.  I'm going to remind myself of that on a regular basis.  Thank you!

Yesterday was super stressful and I didn't get around to doing my workout.  Start with a 8 am conference call, have a multitude of work questions to answer while attempting to finish an urgent research project, at the moment I finished said research project at 1:29, have conference call at 1:30 to discover the parameters of the project were changed, return to research project, finish said research project after other questions and work issues come in, finally get to legislative tracking to go through just under 200 bills, finish when Mr. Darcy, children and pizza get home and the girls have eaten all the garlic knots save 2, and then jump on conference call at 7 pm, straighten house so cleaning people can actually clean (the majority of the work was located in the playroom), and then plopped down on the sofa at 9 pm to see the State of the Union and after joking about Biden's inability to clap at the appropriate juncture, fell asleep.  I don't even remember going to our bedroom last night.... but I evidently did because I woke up there at 6:20 this morning.

Today will be another super busy one, although I don't have anything other than packing for this weekend to do in the evening.  And to make up for missing my speedwork yesterday, I did it this morning.  And I rocked it!  I think I might even have been able to go faster, but I was hesitant with my shin splints.  After each 3 minute interval, I walked for my minute over to the water fountain and then back to the treadmill and stretched each time and that seemed to keep the steak knives down to more of a sharper table knife.  I did a 10:20 pace for the 1st one, 10:00 for the 2nd, 9:40 for the 3rd, and 9:20 for the last one.  I think next week, I may try for 10:00 for the 1st, 9:40 for the 2nd, 9:20 for the 3rd, and 9:00 for the last one.

But I also didn't want to completely miss my weight training, so I did one loop of the weight machines and some ab work.  Then it was off to grab some breakfast at Davis Bakery - a berry smoothie (no corn syrup, added sugar, or other non-natural stuff and the equivalent of 3 servings of fruit and 10 g of protein) and an english muffin with an egg, some ham, and cheddar cheese.  Yum!  I haven't been the greatest about eating anything at all the past couple of days.  Yesterday I actually forgot to have breakfast (which is something I NEVER do) and ended up not eating until lunch at 3:30 when I couldn't hold out any longer - I had low fat cheese, a v-8 and a hearty soup.  Then pizza for dinner. So I thought that maybe I should start with a good filling breakfast to try to help myself out.  I'll have a v-8 in a few minutes and I'm thinking a nice salad and a sandwich for lunch. I know I can't not eat right with Team in Training starting Monday and an 8 mile run on the schedule for the morning!

While I was waiting at the bakery, I did something I don't usually do.  I looked out the window at the beautiful "lake" with the pretty fountain spraying up in the air, and the blue sky and the pretty houses and quaint downtown area and I realized that my life is blessed and that it is really beautiful outside.  I had a little feeling of peace that I haven't had in a bit, and I knew that all my rearranging of how I look at things is good.  That saying yes to what is really important to me, is going to let me realize on a more regular basis how beautiful this life of mine and this world really are.  I think it also helps that I realized while talking to Mr. Darcy about my parents that I've always worried that on their death beds they'll realize how much they missed out on in life because they didn't DO things, but that I don't want to be on my death bed someday realizing that by trying to experience everything that I didn't experience the things I needed to by doing too much.

So my wheels are in motion... and it's going to all work out just fine.  And training is definitely something that keeps me in motion and in the moment. What a journey!


  1. Wow, you sure keep busy, I know its not always by choice, but wow.

  2. Blog of the week...may have to stop by more often...the balance of work, family, training...the holy grail we all strive for...keep it up...