Wednesday, January 13, 2010

Give that Girl a Sandwich!

I woke up this morning feeling pretty good.  A little tired because I stayed up later than I should have last night reading The Lost Symbol by Dan Brown.  It's a page turner, what can I say?  I was a little surprised to feel as good as I did, quite honestly.  I thought surely I would have been a little sore from yesterday's run, but I'm not. YAY!

We got the kiddies ready for school, Mr. Darcy headed out and I corraled the little ladies through putting on their shoes, eating breakfast, and getting into the car.  Amazingly, they got themselves in the car nicely and put on their seat belts and everything while I went in to grab my coat.  When Mr. Darcy takes them to school, this is usually one of the hardest parts of the morning.  I bet once they get used to me taking them to school, they'll revert. 

Ladybug was wearing jeans, a spring light blue gingham dress with flower appliques, a cornflower blue long sleeve shirt that had a flower stitched on it, a turquoise necklace, pink socks (her favorite socks to wear are pink - every day of the week), and brown mary janes.  Mr. Darcy told her that the dress looked silly, but I defended her and said she liked it.  I didn't want wailing to ensue about her dress.  Whatever it takes to have her get dressed in a happy fashion is fine with me.  She's 3.  I'm pretty sure she'll begin to conform to standards of dress after awhile.... even if Angelfish already knows that you don't wear shirts and pants with dresses.  She informed me the other day that those things just don't go together.  Luckily she hasn't said much about it to Ladybug.  I can see a fight ensuing if she did.

Once we got to school, Ladybug decided to have a fit over the fact that I closed the car door instead of her doing it.  She stomped her little foot and demanded that I go back outside, open the car door, and then she would close it.  I stayed firm and did not discuss the issue with her other than to say no and tell her we were going to her classroom.  It worked for a change.  So that was nice.  In the classroom, she told me that she didn't want to go to school today and that she has days when she doesn't want to go to school.  I told her I understood because there are days I don't want to go to work, but we just have to do it anyway.  Then she asked me to tell her the story about the first day they ever went to daycare and how I cried all the way to work.  Not sure if she was trying to guilt trip me, but it didn't work.  Lots of kisses and hugs.  Angelfish decided she was "shy today" but told Ms. Marianne "I'm feeling shy today, but not for you." and then gave her a big hug and a huge smile.  That kid is super sweet.

Then it was work and a call at lunch time for sorority business, more work, and then the gym.  I still wasn't sure what I was going to do at the gym today until it was time to leave... would it be strength training or speedwork?

I decided I needed to do my speedwork, plus it was only a 40 minute workout in all.  Before I left, I double checked what it was that I needed to do.  And that's when I got a good chuckle at my own expense.  Know how last week I did 2 sets of 5 minutes?  It was supposed to be 5 sets of 2 minutes.  So I was an amazon woman!  This week, though, I was sticking to the schedule.  4 x 3minutes.  Off I went.  I ran the 10 minute warm up at a 12:14 minute pace taking it nice and easy.  Had that wierd pain with my ankle again so I stretched and rotated and started back running, and it was fine.  I felt a little tight so I decided to push myself but not beyond what I thought was a good idea.  The 1st 3 minute set, I did at 10:10 and that was a bit tough.  So, Idid the 2nd 3 minute set at 10:20.  Still a challenge but I wasn't feeling like falling off the treadmill.  As I was doing the 2 minute recovery walk, I thought this was a little harder than it should be.  I didn't think it was all the run from yesterday or even that I didn't get a lot of sleep last night.  And that's when it hit me - I forgot to eat lunch.  I had a cup of hot tea after my noon conference call and then forgot all about eating. Not sure how I forgot to eat, but I sure did.  And I didn't even drink any gatorade before the run because well, it was just a 40 minute run.  So I went and got some water and came back.  Next set, 10:20.  Then I decided I would do the last set at 10:10 again.  I had to tell myself that I was only doing 2 minutes at first and then once I got to the 2 minute mark, I told myself to go 15 more seconds and then another and then another until I was at the 3 minute mark, but it got done.  And cool down was definitely cool - I walked the cool down because well, I was at that point where you need food and you're light headed and your muscles are yelling at you.   

So after showering and changing and jumping in Mr. Darcy's car (filled with the little ladies - Mr. Darcy was intent on getting his XBox 360 with his Christmas Money and the $250 gift certificate we got from our rewards credit card -"free money" from points), it was all about food.

I bet it would have been better if I had eaten lunch - and I bet I would have been faster too. 

So I had a burrito (no rice though) with beans and chicken, salsa, and lots of lettuce for dinner.  About 1,000 calories right there.  You know your body is mad at you for not eating enough that day when about 20 minutes after you eat your hungry again.  So when we got home from the store around 8:30 (we ate at 6:45) and I was still hungry, I had a piece of bread with peanut butter and drank some water.  I think my stomach and I are friends again (not to mention my muscles  - they were all pretty tight and tired by the end of it all. : )

Tomorrow I'm guaranteed to have lunch - I'm meeting a friend.  Tomorrow is weight training.  And with proper eating and hydration, it's gonna be on!

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